How To Defund The Police Sensibly

In case you thought the grifters and liars known as Black Lives Matter had gone away, the bad news is they haven’t. The good news is that nobody who matters is listening to them anymore, partly due to Candace Owens exposing them, partly due to their corruption becoming so blatant that only the totally brainwashed will now give them the time of day. 

The news section of their official website has not been updated since July 27, and the most recent video their YouTube channel was uploaded on July 11, a 46 second rant under the title It’s Still Defund the Police. Tellingly, the comments have been turned off, even more tellingly, it has been viewed fewer than twelve hundred times. The title speaks for itself, the police need to be defunded because it is an organisation rooted in white supremacy. Presumably so are the Chinese police, and the Saudi police, and the Egyptian police…

It is difficult not to laugh at this idiocy, but even a broken clock is right twice a day, and the half-truth of defunding the police is that there are things the police need to not be doing.

At the moment, there is an epidemic of shoplifting in the UK, although it hasn’t got as bad as in the United States where it has led to shops going out of business and major retailers moving out of the area. The latest of the latter is the Nike store in Portland, Oregon, a city plagued by political violence in the form of Antifa.

Black Lives Matter and its supporters have had a hand in creating what are now being called food deserts in especially black urban areas. Who could forget the claim by that moronic Chicago activist that looting was reparations – all these stores have insurance, so why should they care?

When it comes to shoplifting, the police need to be properly funded, to deter as much as to apprehend, but especially in Britain and other countries which do not have real freedom of speech, they spend more time monitoring Twitter threads and other social media in case somebody uses a forbidden word. 

In Britain this has seen – a 15 year old autistic girl arrested for pointing out that a female police officer looked like a lesbian.

People being investigated for “non-crime hate incidents” and related nonsense.

In Britain, prostitution is legal, although the position is nuanced. In the United States though, it is not, which results in the police wasting enormous resources arresting and even entrapping both prostitutes and men seeking their services.

There is also, and this is the big one, an enormous waste of resources by the FBI and other agencies investigating, spying on, and even inciting people to commit politically motivated crimes. This was once confined to people on the fringes, ie terrorists or potential terrorists. Now it is so-called MAGA Republicans, anti-abortion activists, and all manner of people who hold views that are not reflected favourably by the mainstream media.

Arguably even worse than this is the way some police forces have been funding themselves for decades by the abuse of civil asset forfeiture. Business people, including black business people like the man in this video are regularly targeted by corrupt police departments – not simply corrupt officers – and their cash seized on suspicion of its being what…? Black Lives Matter is silent about this, as are black Democrats like Shontell Brown.

The Black Lives Matter stance on law and order is ridiculous, but the police are a necessary evil, as are prisons. They make a lot of noise about these too, although none of them lost any sleep over the twenty-two and a half year sentence handed down unjustly to Derek Chauvin. 

We will always need prisons, and we will always need police, but we don’t need, and most people don’t want, a police state, so that means their powers must be curtailed, and the best way of doing that is by the power of the purse coupled with oversight by politicians of integrity.

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