The Questionable Virus Theory

I dusted off my old Latin-German dictionary of 1981 and looked up the word VIRUS. The translation says slime, tough moisture, natural poison, poisonous juice, poison as a disgusting substance, drool, but also uncleanliness, clumsiness.

I have listened to Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD, read the books and articles by Dr. Tom Cowan MD and heard the virologist and immunologist Dr. Poornima Wagh PhD as well as the German virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka speak about the history of virus research and how the existence of viruses has not been proven to this day.  I will go through the most important points they bring up which seriously question the existence of viruses. Then we will look at what might cause the diseases that are attributed to a virus, such as polio, hepatitis, measles, shingles, flu an so called Covid. This issue, as most others, should never be about beliefs one way or another but about evidence and discernment. Beliefs are usually in the way of finding the truth. The truth about viruses existing or not is foundational to the entire Scamdemic

The above named doctors have put the history of virus discovery under the proverbial microscope and are illuminating the flaws in methodology, reasoning and conclusions behind the virus theory.

Virologists claim that in an infection, viruses enter the cells of tissues, enter their DNA or RNA into the nucleus of that cell and force the cell to make more viruses. There should be millions of copies of viruses in every infected cell. Yet everybody in virology agrees that viruses can’t be seen in tissues.  Therefore they use indirect methods to try and prove they exist. These methods though would have to be validated at every step using proper controls to make sure the final outcome is valid proof for the existence of a virus.

The so called ISOLATION which isn’t

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