Musk ‘other’ Grimes On AI: ‘I Just Want A Cyborg Pop Star Going For Me Eternally’

Where many musicians and music streamers have been busy swatting down deepfake songs made with artificial intelligence by punters, Grimes is leaning right in.

In fact, she’s been encouraging people to make music with her voice with the promise she’ll split royalties 50/50 with them.

Some pretty legit tracks have come out since she launched the software (called Elf Tech, naturally) and now she’s actively defending the use of AI as a creative tool.

Grimes went in to bat for the tech in a new interview with Pirate Wires, where she reckons creators and AI should be a harmonious relationship and less of a “bad break-up”.

“One of the reasons I feel there aren’t more artists playing with this stuff is they feel like it’s against them,” she said.

“I feel there’s been a lot of artificial things, like the New York Times anti-tech stance and stuff, that have been pitting the technocracy against the artists for a long time. I think that’s been a bad break-up. I think we need each other.

“And it’s like, no one worships art more than the fucking people building AI that I meet. You know?”

It seems Grimes firmly believes a future full of endless content is being suppressed. Not just through the (understandable) hesitancy around letting the floodgates open on AI involvement in creating content and art but also through current copyright restrictions.

“It’s like people are afraid of the unknown,” she said.

“It’s like, what? You don’t want abundance? You don’t want a sick life? There’s so much good fan fiction.

“We should be completely dismantling copyright and letting the best things shine. If someone else makes a better season eight Game of Thrones, they should be catapulted to the top. We are purposefully limiting talent.”

So while more than 11,000 TV and film writers in the US are striking for many things including the regulation of AI in the industry, Grimes seems to be happy to let the tech run the show for her. She even let slip that her team’s working on a “clone” Grimes so she can focus on other things in her life.

“Like, I’m busy. I just want a cyborg pop star going for me eternally.”

“I have other things to do,” she said.

“You know, I hate doing interviews and shit. I hate having my makeup done. I hate performing. I have kids. I have shit to do. I want to write sci-fi, you know? I need to be hunched over a desk.

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