Free Gonzalo Lira! How the western backed Ukraine is not a Democracy

First of all I wanted to say sorry for not posting anything for such a long time. I have a sort of depression and I have a lack of motivation and strength. Funny enough in this video Gonzalo Albo mentions he hasn’t made a video for some time because he was depressed because of what is happening and what he sees. I agree with his opinion about war, brave people die for nothing. As Le Bon said:


“How numerous are the crowds that have heroically faced death for beliefs, ideas, and phrases that they scarcely understood!”(The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind – Gustave Le Bon)


“It is crowds rather than isolated individuals that may be induced to run the risk of death to secure the triumph of a creed or an idea, that may be fired with enthusiasm for glory and honour… Such heroism is without doubt somewhat unconscious, but it is of such heroism that history is made.”(The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind – Gustave Le Bon)


As the author of this video says: ”So why even make this video, I don’t even agree with many of Gonzalo’s points and predictions? The reason I support him is that he is a freethinker and he speaks his mind. Because he knows it’s the right thing to do. Even though it will have terrible consequences for himself. THAT BRAVERY SHOULD BE SEEN A VIRTUE”


I agree with the author that even if you are not agreeing with someone it’s important that we should support freethinkers that’s why I support Gonzalo. I also wanted to mention that in one of Latest Grayzone videos they mentioned that Aron Mate and wife of Max Blumenthal Anya Parampil was put on Ukraine’s hit list for speaking out. It just shows that freethinkers are being fought against and we should support them.


PS: I wanted to thank The Duran for letting me post my stuff and whoever is editing my posts. I am really bad at writing so whoever is editing my posts has to work really hard to make something coherent from my scribblings and my word – salut.

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