John Varoli: Unrepentant Bully: NATO uses WWII Victory Day to amp up war fervor [Video]

This is a direct reprint from John Varoli’s Substack. Worthwhile reading.

While Moscow celebrated the 78th anniversary of Victory over Nazism, a hostile Western bloc again agitated for Russia’s destruction. This will only intensify Russian resistance.

NATO ideologues no longer hide their desire to destroy Russia. This week in the British newspaper The Guardian, just a day after Moscow celebrated 78 years since Victory over Fascism, British historian Timothy Garton Ash wrote: “Ukrainians have a theory of victory. It goes from success on the battlefield to change in Moscow.”

The “change” he means is a subtle but venomous euphemism for making Russia weak and subservient as in the 1990s; a Russia that fragments into a dozen republics, as the USSR did in 1991; a Russia full of social upheaval that results in the deaths of millions.

I first heard of this plan for putting an end to Russia from a Washington DC think tank insider some time in 2016. But at that time I dismissed it as a bizarre Russophobic fantasy. Today, it’s clear they’re deadly serious and have the power to realize their nefarious plans.

In the same article, Mr. Ash also voiced support for NATO/Ukrainian plans to ethnically cleanse Donbass and Crimea of the millions of indigenous ethnic Russians. We can no longer mince words — the Western liberal regimes have crossed over into the realm of Evil, and they must be held accountable.

In Russia the spirit is defiant. Speaking at the Victory Day parade on May 9, President Vladimir Putin promised to fight NATO until Victory 2.0 is achieved. I often speak with people across Russia, and I hear how resistance stiffens with each passing day. They understand their back is to the wall. Russia is fighting for its survival.

Despite the resources of 50 countries backing Ukraine with money, weapons and mercenaries, the Russians have held the line for over seven months; each attempted Ukrainian advance was obliterated. The Battle of Bakhmut sucked in and destroyed large amounts of NATO-trained and armed Ukrainian troops and equipment.

Yes, an immense tragedy has befallen the Ukrainian nation, as hundreds of thousands of its sons have been killed or wounded, but they foolishly let themselves become a pawn in NATO’s plan. Now they pay a heavy price as their cemeteries overflow with dead soldiers. But such information is suppressed by Western corporate media.

The standard Western media lie is that Russian troops are demoralized, running out of ammo and equipment, the people are against the war, the economy is collapsing and soon Putin will be overthrown. Meanwhile, heroic Ukrainian soldiers are riding high morale because they’re fighting to protect democracy from totalitarian Russia.

None of that is true, however. Our media loyally serve the White House, spreading disinformation that seeks to dupe western audiences into believing that Russia can be defeated. The Nazis employed the same media strategy 80 years ago; even at the very end, the Nazis told the German people that victory was near.

Information from the front lines paints a very different picture. Ukraine’s much anticipated spring offensive struggles to get off the ground because its officer corps has been decimated, its soldiers are demoralized and must be threatened with punishment to go fight, and nearly every day the Russian Air Force conducts precision raids on Ukrainian military infrastructure, crippling Kiev’s war machine.

Meanwhile, the Russian economy is growing this year according to the IMF, while the Ukrainian economy has almost ceased to exist, and most Ukrainians have been plunged into poverty. Without NATO’s assistance, Ukraine would collapse and become a failed state and humanitarian disaster.

This conflict was never really about Donbass, nor Crimea, nor Ukraine. As Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs has observed, we are witnessing a plan that was set in motion 30 years ago when the U.S. falsely promised Moscow that it would never expand NATO eastward, but then went on to expand the alliance right to Russia’s borders in the Baltics, as well as making Ukraine a protectorate.

Two days ago, May 9, when Russia celebrated Victory Day, the West could have made a gesture for peace, recalling the time when the U.S., UK and the USSR fought together. But no, there was nothing of the sort. Peace is the last thing that Western liberal regimes want. Instead, they issue more threats and bellicose statements to fan the flames of war, death and destruction.

On May 9, Joe Biden mocked Russia’s Victory over Nazism by announcing another $1.2 billion in military aid to the nationalist regime in Kiev that glorifies Nazi collaborators and mass murderers. Biden’s message was unmistakable — the U.S. will finish what the Nazis couldn’t achieve.

While Biden sits comfortably in his luxurious Oval Office, the blood of innocent civilians flows in the streets of defiant Donetsk — young girls out for a walk are shredded by Ukrainian artillery supplied by the U.S., or families in a bus incinerated by lethal HIMARS rockets.

Also, on May 9, while meeting Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the UK’s Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said the West must “have the resolve to continue to do the right thing” to stop Russia; “what’s at stake is of immeasurable importance.”

Mr Cleverly didn’t clarify “what’s at stake” and why it’s “of immeasurable importance”. But we know what he means — The West now has a historic opportunity to once and for all put an end to the Russian state, and establish control over the Eurasian landmass.

St Alexander Nevsky

The Western desire to subjugate and destroy Russia is centuries old. While the average person in the West rarely ever thinks about Russia, Western elites have been obsessed with Russia for centuries.

In the Middle Ages the Papacy, as well as the eastern Germanic states, sought to expand influence and control in the Orthodox Slavic lands and convert them to Catholicism. A German invasion was repulsed by St Alexander Nevsky in 1242 in a battle on the ice of Lake Peipus that was immortalized in film by the Soviet director Sergei Eisenstein in 1938.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Swedes and the Poles had imperial designs on the Russian lands. And starting with the French Revolution in 1789, the West became radicalized by secular utopian ideologies. First there was the ‘enlightened’ and very bloody empire of Napoleon, and then a century later, the national socialists led by Adolf Hitler who coveted the Russian lands for the Third Reich.

We’ve all been taught that the Germans invaded the USSR. But what our schools don’t tell us is that many European nations eagerly contributed soldiers and equipment — Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Spain. Also, many British and Americans held strong sympathies for the Nazis, and rejoiced when Hitler invaded the USSR.

The USSR faced about 80% of the Nazi war machine, while the remaining 20% fought against the combined forces of the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. Our paltry contribution to Victory remains an embarrassment, which is why the West is careful to suppress and deny the facts about the Soviet war effort.

Yet, despite all efforts by rapacious Western elites over the past 800 years, no matter how well they prepared and built up armies, and no matter the initial successes that the West secured on the battlefield, the result was always the same — failure and defeat. Russia was always victorious in the end.

Today, however, our elites believe “it’s different”. This time, they’re certain of defeating Russia because never before has such a mighty coalition of nations assembled against Russia, with such vast amounts of financial capital, economic power, technological prowess, media propaganda, and military might.

Indeed, that’s all true, and on paper the West should be able to defeat Russia. But anyone who knows Russia, knows very well that the country can come up with lots of surprises, and the country is protected by the Heavenly realms.

Last summer, many in Western capitals were shocked that Russia hadn’t yet collapsed under the force of massive economic sanctions. They were certain that Russia was a “giant with feet of clay”. But today, Russia is stronger than ever; its factories working nonstop to produce munitions and equipment for the war effort, and many countries in Asia and Africa are now eager to trade with Russia.

Economic sanctions have only damaged NATO economies, which are running out of ammunition and equipment. The regime in Kiev has become a huge liability — it’s a black hole of corruption, swallowing up vast amounts of western money and equipment with no accountability. Ironically, Zelensky’s constant begging for money and weapons plays right into the hands of Moscow’s goal to weaken the West.

The day of judgement is coming this summer and autumn — the Ukrainian counteroffensive will be formidable, and it will be met by a strong Russian defense. A Ukrainian victory could indeed cause the Russian Federation to fracture and fall apart, and the West will have achieved its historic goal. Or the Russian army and its people will stand firm, aware that their civilization faces a mortal threat.

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