Democrats And The Theory Of Blanket Dismissal

If you haven’t heard of the theory of blanket dismissal, that might be because the phrase was first used in 2009. Although I may have been the first person to use those particular words, I cannot claim to have originated the concept. Probably some Greek philosopher or Greek housewife came up with the idea centuries BC. It is also something most if not all of us use from time to time, and it isn’t always a bad thing. If you finish the late shift at 3am you may not be inclined to listen to the good news brought by the local Jehovah’s Witness cult when they ring your doorbell seven hours later. And we all know people we wouldn’t trust any further than we could throw, but the kind of blanket dismissal used by the Biden Administration, leading Democrats, and the apparatchiks of the American Deep State beggars belief.

Anyone can make allegations which may be totally true, partially true, or totally false. Much of the time an allegation cannot be proven either way. Something as mundane as a casual conversation may be reported or remembered differently by the parties concerned. Allegations that are supported by contemporaneous documentation including text messages, e-mails, audio or video recordings are a different matter though when these proofs can be validated. So what do the Democrats do? They ignore them, downplay them, hide them, or simply lie. The quantity of lies peddled by the Democrats since the commencement of the Republican oversight hearings is beyond belief, and it would take hours to document them all, but here are a few of the juicier ones.

One of the biggest scandals not only in the United States but throughout the rest of the English-speaking world today is the trans movement, in particular the mutilation of the young. A full discussion of the trans movement can be found here, but here is one of very many lies. When questioning a witness who had worked for Twitter, the moronic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told him it was a lie that a certain children’s hospital had carried out double mastectomies on underage girls. He agreed with her readily. This lie had been invented by Libs Of TikTok, she said, and spread by leading Republicans. Shameful. It remains to be seen if the Congresswoman from New York was lying or simply ill-informed, but although it has now been removed from the website of Boston Children’s Hospital there is an extant video of a modern Doctor Frankenstein describing the procedure and positively salivating over it.

There are now dozens if not hundreds of young people speaking out who have “detransitioned” as far as this is possible; the sexually confused Chloe Cole underwent a double mastectomy at the age of just fifteen. Incredibly, people who oppose this butchery are treated as the villains. When the young woman who runs the Libs Of TikTok account button-holed Cortez, the Congresswoman treated her like a leper instead of like the heroine she is.

During another hearing, one senior Democrat claimed this was yet another Republican wild goose chase, just like the Benghazi hearings. What he appears to have forgotten is that one of the things the Benghazi hearings unearthed was Hillary Clinton’s private server. The lobby group Judicial Watch wondered where all her e-mails were, and put in a freedom if information request. Mrs Clinton wasn’t using her official account. She would then delete over thirty thousand of these e-mails in defiance of a subpoena and all traces of them using a program called BleachBit, which as Trey Gowdy said, deleted them so thoroughly that even God couldn’t recover them.

Democrat media poodles then tried a classic whataboutism by pointing out that Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka had used her personal e-mail address while her father was in the White House. The big difference though is that Ivanka wasn’t Secretary of State and was not sending highly confidential information that could jeopardise national security or even people’s lives if it fell into the wrong hands. Ivanka’s use of her e-mail account was comparable either her father’s infamous 3am rants on Twitter, not transmitting information that should have been transmitted only over secure US Government intranets.

When Matt Taibbi and another journalist testified about the extent of the Deep State and Democrats’ censoring of Twitter and other social media, another Congresswoman alluded to them as “so-called journalists” and asked if they were making money out of these revelations. This is a valid question, but it is likewise valid to ask if police officers, criminal lawyers and indeed pathologists are paid; are they not making money out of crime? And who pays Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

The rhetoric used in this connection was as eclectic as it was dishonest. 

There was no censorship – these are private companies.

No pressure was put on them.

Republicans did it too.

We did it, so what?

It should be pointed out that everyone including government agencies can request material be removed from social media, indeed this is done all the time for all manner of valid reasons. Material that is highly defamatory, personal information, information that is sub judice, and so on, but there is a big difference between Donald Trump requesting the removal of an insulting Twitter message and the FBI suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story, or 51 Deep State agents claiming it had all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation when they knew full well this was not the case. Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

The breadth and depth of the blanket dismissal of allegations of dishonesty and malfeasance are currently on full display as the extent of the Biden family finances are laid bare, but this pretense cannot continue for much longer. There are two big questions that need to be answered. The first is how much of America’s currently disastrous domestic and foreign policies is the result of bribes from other countries? Is the southern border open because America’s foreign enemies are seeking to  destroy the country? We know its domestic enemies are. The other question is, how many others in high places are on the take, taking bribes or kickbacks to facilitate America’s decline and eventual destruction?

Sadly, those are two questions that cannot be summarily dismissed at this late hour.

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