Talking parrot reveals man’s dirty secret

A woman in Vietnam found out about her spouse’s infidelity thanks to the bird

A Vietnamese man’s adultery was exposed by a talking parrot, which witnessed his steamy love affair with a house maid, Vietnamnet reported on Tuesday. The man’s wife told the outlet that she has filed for divorce.

According to the woman, the outlet writes, she and her husband, who own a successful furniture business, had recently decided to hire a maid to help with the housekeeping. They chose a woman on the recommendations of an acquaintance and arranged for her to live in a spare room in the house, next to where the man kept his pet parrot. 

Six months later, however, the woman said she began to notice that both her husband and the maid were behaving suspiciously. At first, the man was shy and awkward around the maid and would avoid staying alone at home with her, his wife said, but after a few months, he started spending more time at home in the garden, with his parrot on the rooftop.

One day, the woman returned home a bit earlier than usual and noticed that her husband and the maid seemed to be hiding something. She began to suspect that the two may be having an affair. 

Her suspicions were confirmed sometime later when she decided to hang the laundry on the rooftop. While making her way up, the woman heard her husband’s parrot mimicking strange and explicit phrases. Certain that her husband would not have intentionally taught the bird these sounds, she concluded that the parrot must have learned the phrases as a result of indiscretions in the maid’s bedroom.

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The woman then installed a hidden camera in the maid’s room and within a week, was able to capture her husband’s infidelity on tape. She also reportedly discovered that the maid had initially seduced her husband in order to get more money from him. 

The woman has now filed for divorce and presented the videos as evidence of her husband’s betrayal, Vietnamnet writes.

In March, it was reported that a parrot in India was the prime witness in a murder case. The bird’s ‘testimony’ ultimately helped put two men behind bars for life for the gruesome killing of a woman in 2014.

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