The EU is Buying Russian Oil Again! (But they forgot to mention it)

The self-serving hypocrisy and blatant dishonesty of the EU never fails to amaze me.

Over a year ago, the EU was enthusiastic about introducing a range of sanctions against Russia – even though the sanctions pushed up the price of energy in Europe and impoverished millions of citizens.

But now the EU is buying Russian oil, again.

They’re being very crafty about it, of course.

So, for example, Russian oil is sold to India which then sells what it doesn’t need.

And it’s selling the surplus oil to the EU (which, of course, has a ban on Russian oil).

The oil costs more than it used to cost. And it accumulates a good many diesel wasting sea miles as it travels to India and then back to Europe.

But it helps solve the EU’s oil shortage.

India isn’t the only supplier doing a little trading with Russian oil.

Morocco bought 600,000 barrels of oil in 2021.

But in the first two months of 2023, Morocco bought over three million barrels of oil.

What on earth are they doing with all that excess oil?


They’ve become oil traders and they’re flogging it to the EU.

And the EU knows exactly where the oil comes from.

Once again the EU has proved itself a master of fraud and hypocrisy.

No surprise, of course.

The EU has always been crooked.
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