LTNs Are Delaying Ambulances – Ministers Face the Wrath of Residents and MPs

Low-traffic neighbourhood’ may sound innocuous. Peaceful and quiet, even. But limiting the movement of vehicles comes at a cost. Ministers are hearing all about it after reports of LTNs delaying emergency vehicles.

Infrastructure used to enforce LTNs was under attack well before the latest news. Almost as soon as the first barriers were positioned, vigilantes turned to civil disobedience to battle the restrictions on free movement in towns and cities. In some neighbourhoods, planters positioned on roads to block vehicles have been set alight within hours of installation.

New figures cite nearly 240 incidents in London alone where ambulances have been delayed during callouts. The news is translating into renewed pressure on Ministers to rethink the measures.

The Mail Online has the story.

Ministers were last night under growing pressure from their own MPs and campaigners to scrap ‘preposterous’ and ‘dangerous’ low-traffic neighbourhoods. …

Experts said the recorded incidents would be “the tip of the iceberg” as they relate only to London and there are hundreds more low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) in other cities. It is also believed that not all incidents were recorded.

Many councils have hailed LTNs as a success in tackling congestion and pollution, with 300 already set up or planned nationwide.

The schemes include pop-up cycle lanes, wider pavements and closing streets to cars while policing the new rules with warning signs, CCTV cameras and fines for drivers breaking them.

But critics say they are often poorly thought out, built at short notice with little consultation and accuse council chiefs of using them as “cash cows” to clobber motorists.

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