Zelensky 2014 comedic routine prefigures today’s reality [Video]

The present makeup of the US Congress is far from ideal. Most of the people there still remain under Ukro-nazi hypnosis. However, they are in a position to expose certain lies propagated by the Democrats and media allies at home, such as Tucker Carlson’s excellent expose of the January 6th coup, in which Congress and the Deep State overthrew the American people.

Think about that.

Evil has its limits.

Now, under Republican control, the investigative committees on issues ranging from January 6 to COVID-19 and Twitter bias are making substantial headway in exposing the lies foisted on the American people and the world by people who would stop at nothing for the sake of temporal power and domination. This is not to say the silly trope “Republicans good, Democrats bad” because right now it is really a “uniparty” – but there are some Republicans that are true America First people and they have wisely and cleverly seized the control of the one thing they will freely do for the next two years – investigations. Public investigations.

Evil has its limits.

Perhaps this short video clip might help dislodge folks still seduced by the “Ukraine is a wonderful democracy, worth fighting for to the very end” myth. Who knows? Maybe what you see here will help you do what you can to avert WWIII.

What do you think?



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