Old Music And Banned Music In The News

Twenty-five years ago, Ritchie Blackmore was already a legendary rock guitarist when he went out on a limb forming a new band with his love interest and future wife. Having worked as a session man, played with Screaming Lord Sutch, with his own band Rainbow and of course Deep Purple – of which he was a founder member – he decided to move away from heavy metal and work in, indeed found, a new genre. 

The debut album of Blackmore’s Night was released June 2, 1997 in Europe, and February 17, 1998 in the United States – where he now lives.  His gamble paid off, Shadow Of The Moon reached number 25 in the German album chart and number 11 in Japan. It is an old joke about being “big in Japan” but the Land of the Rising Sun has a massive fan base for Western music. UFO were big there before making it in Britain and the United States. After their debut in California on May 17, 1997, Blackmore’s Night really kicked off their career in Japan playing Tokyo on November 7, Osaka, then back to Tokyo before moving on to Spain and Germany. The rest is history. Although they have never had a number one hit, the band has a massive following worldwide.

On March 10 at 4pm London time, a 2004 rendition of Shadow Of The Moon was played on Blackmore’s YouTube channel for its twenty-fifth anniversary. Recently, Don Lemon claimed the American Republican politician Nikki Haley was past her prime at 51. Ritchie’s songwriting partner Mrs Ritchie Blackmore – better known as Candice Night – will be 51 until May 7, and although a mother of two is if anything even lovelier than when she first appeared on stage as a backing singer for Deep Purple half a lifetime and more ago.

While you can find the music of Ritchie Blackmore all over YouTube, one place you won’t be able to find the music of Tim Pool from now on is Bandcamp. In case you had never heard of the site, it has been around since 2007 and is a music streaming service.

Tim Pool is better known as a former journalist turned alternative media host. Over the past few years he has built a small but growing empire based around YouTube and his own website, but he has much bigger ambitions. The list of guests on his late night programme reads likes a veritable Who’s Who and includes Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (currently in Australia), Ann Coulter, Jimmy Dore, Larry Elder, Matt Gaetz, Alex Jones, Candace Owens, and many more.

If the vast majority of his guests are of a conservative or “right wing” persuasion that is not his fault. Leftists have an open invitation but Jimmy Dore is one of the very few to accept it. 

Pool is also an occasional musician – when he can find the time. On March 9, he celebrated his 37th birthday, and in anticipation of that, his entire playlist was wiped from Bandcamp. He isn’t the only “right winger” so targeted, but the good news is you can still find his music on his own website, so he may be annoyed but he certainly isn’t worried. The way things are going, ten years from now if not five his outfit will be in the big league, which is probably why he has been swatted so many times, including in January when he was live on the air.

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