So called panic in the West and what in my opinion is going on with the war in Ukraine.

First of all we don’t know how war is going on. I like Duran programs because they are very informative. But this talk about artillery shelling, if it’s true Ukraine is missing shells and Russia is winning in artillery, but at same time Ukraine is winning in Drones, and as Ukrainians are scared of Russian artillery, so are Russians are scared of Ukraine drones. Russia is probably winning but it’s not some Ukraine massacre, Russia is paying a lot for its gains. Military experts were sure Russia would win not because of equipment but because of the difference in population size. Simply put Russia has more population so more cannon fodder to throw.

Blinken and Nuland are not stupid, they just continued Bush’s and Condoleezza Rice’s international policies.

Rice: ”You want to change the structure of energy dependence. You want to depend more on the North America energy platform … to have pipelines that don’t go through Ukraine and Russia”

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If that was their goal they achieved their goal since Poland has a new pipeline that is not going through Ukraine and Russia. The Nord stream pipeline is destroyed and the official narrative says Putin=Hitler (pure evil) and we will not allow cooperation between Germany and Russia. So they achieved what Condoleezza Rice was dreaming about no matter if Russia would win or lose.

I hear questions all the time: why do they fight, why do they push Ukrainians if they know they will lose. Like Lindsey Graham said “we will defend Ukraine till the last Ukrainian”, we need to remember we will blame this conflict on Putin the more bloody it is, the more Ukrainians die, the more Ukraine gets destroyed the bigger blame we later get to put on Putin. So it’s no surprise they want Ukraine to fight so they straightened the narrative about evil Russia and Putin=Hitler bullshit.

Like I said, they started this conflict only because no matter which side wins they win because they secured the “change the structure of energy dependence”. Now they push Ukraine to fight even when they know they will lose because the more Ukraine suffers, the more of them die the bigger blame they put on Putin, at same time the more they secure that “change the structure of energy dependence”.

One thing I wonder about is the talks between Scholz and Biden. Scholz has to beg Biden to stop this, since what else can he do? What do you want him to do, stand and say: listen, everything we were saying to you so far was a big lie but that lie is screwing us now too, so this time we will tell you the truth. How do you plan for anyone to believe what they say next?

None even dare to touch subjects like questioning Nord Stream, Bucha massacre or speaking about Ukrainian Odessa massacre, in other words question the validity of claims about Putin’s illegal unprovoked invasion on weaker neighbors with the purpose of stealing their lands. That evil Putin and Germany would like to do energy deals – how could they, hahahahha. You see my point?

None care about Ukraine or even if Ukraine wins. If it wins, the US would not cry but if it lost the US still achieves its goal.

On the Duran it was said that the RAND Corporation stated the prolonged conflict is not good for the US. At the same time they heard that the US is telling Ukraine to go on the offensive, but they don’t understand. Now if you understand that they don’t care who wins and just want to prevent the prolonging of the conflict then it all makes sense. They just want Ukraine to go on an offensive to bleed out quicker and loose quicker to prevent a prolonged conflict.

The only thing they care about is for this conflict to be horrible and the narrative that will allow them to blame that horrible conflict on Putin which will prevent German and Russian cooperation. So do what Condoleezza Rice, George Friedman and Chomsky speak about.

“So the primordial interest of the United States over which for a century we fought wars like the First, Second and Cold wars, is about the relationship between Germany and Russia. Because united they are the only force that could threaten us and we must make sure that that doesn’t happen. Therefore it’s not an accident that General Hodges, who has been appointed in charge,  is talking about pre-positioning troops in Romania Bulgaria Poland and the Baltics. This is the intermarium the Black Sea to the Baltic, what Pilsudski dreamed of, this is the solution for the United States. The issue to which we don’t have the answer is what will Germany do. So the real wild card in Europe is the United States. Not Ukraine but to the West and the Russians tried to figure out how to leverage Ukrainian away, but we don’t know the German position. Germany is in a very peculiar position, its former Chancellor Gerhart Schroeder is on the board of Gazprom. They have a very complex relationship with Russians. The Germans themselves don’t know what to do, they must export, the Russians can’t take up this German export. On the other hand if they lose the free trade zone, they need to build something different. For the United States the primordial fear is German technology and German capital, Russian natural resources, and Russian man power as the only combination that can for centuries scare the hell out of the United states. So how does this play out? Well the U.S has already put its cards on the table. It is the line from the Baltics to the Black Sea” – George Friedman.

“Well NATO is a us-run military force and it’s now becoming an international global US intervention force. The purpose of it, one purpose of it is to exactly as the quench questioner said to integrate Europe into the U.S. dominated military system. That’s what NATO was for in the first place. One goal of NATO from the very beginning was to block de Gaulle’s initiatives, to make sure that Europe would not move in an independent course…” – Noam Chomsky

In both examples we were talking about European independence which would probably have to include strong cooperation with Russia. The US is not afraid of the EU, it is afraid of the EU in cooperation with Russia. Now that the cooperation will be prevented because of this horrible conflict caused by this horrible bad Putin, hahahhahahaha. Do you see my point and state or affairs in reality?

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