A brief history of the new US cold war with Russia(and Putin) w/ Max Blumenthal 25 April 2019


“everyone thought Oh Putin is gonna be great he’s going to keep this thing going and if you go back to 2000 2001 you can find a lot of people including Bill Browder praising Putin what he proceeds to do is start throwing the oligarchs in prison the oligarchs who wouldn’t pay into Russia’s economy from Yukos oil and so on and this sent shockwaves through the national security state in the US and through the foreign policy establishment in Washington you know Putin was no socialist he was basically re-centering of the economy around a kind of state capitalist model what we responded with color revolutions in Georgia are removing Eduard Shevardnadze first then moving on to Ukraine with the orange revolution these are revolutions that word may have been guided by the CIA but were carried out through foundations like the Open Society Institute the National Endowment for democracy which is mostly US funded and you know we created private media to drive these revolutions and you know many of the students who participated in them were earnest good-hearted people who thought you know we just want freedom we just want what the West has to offer but they were ultimately used as pawns in a geopolitical game that continued this process of destabilization at the Munich Security Conference in 2007 Putin stands up with John McCain sitting next to Joe Lieberman in the front row I think it was Lieberman yeah Joe Mentum remember that and he was his only endorsement for president was from the New Republic under Marty Parents it’s really inspiring you should go back and look at that video and look at the look on John McCain’s face when Putin speaks and he says we will now act in Russia’s national security and national interests and we will not tolerate expansion on our borders any further and he basically puts his foot down and that’s that was I think when this process the new Cold War really started to intensify the next Year Georgia invade South Ossetia which is Russian territory we’re constantly told Russia invaded no it was a Georgian invasion by Mikhail Saakashvili who himself was a CIA National Endowment for democracy project who was egged on by the u.s. he wound up eating his tie on national television literally and got stomped another you know another event that sent shockwaves through the national security state in the u.s. Putin steps aside to Medvedev after 2008 Medvedev comes in and basically it was not particularly popular in Russia the Libya events really showed how Medvedev’s presents frightened Russia’s military intelligence apparatus because what Russia did at the UN when there is this critical vote on whether to allow was a no-fly zone in Libya they abstained what’s Libya now open-air slave auctions the destabilization of North Africa the rise of Boko Haram the arms blowout to the south and they flow out to Syria complete chaos Putin steps back in says we got a restabilized he steps back in after the Magnitsky sections come in Magnitsky sanctions were the product of Bill Browder someone who’s widely hailed as this free Russia expert today he was at Hermitage capital he was one of the oligarchs I think is actually the grandson of Earl Browder he had come to Russia to loot the economy he owed something like 240 million dollars in taxes and you know the standard story official story is that his lawyer was beaten to death in a Russian prison Sergei Magnitsky if you watch Andrei Necrosof film which is effectively banned in the u.s. you know Browder has prevented it from being shown at the European Parliament you watched this film you’re gonna see an entirely different story this Norwegian filmmaker who is auntie Putin started following Browder around thinking he was gonna make this film about this great dissident and found out that he was an international con artist and vulture capitalist who had basically used his personal fortune to doctor American foreign policy an instant engineer 99 to 1 vote in the US or 99 to nothing vote in the US Congress to sanction Russia unprovoked I mean there was no clear provocation for these sanctions the Magnitsky sanctions you know deep in the you know the sense of enmity and mistrust and the fear in Russia that the u.s. is coming back for more and now the Magnitsky scant sanctions by the way have been expanded to the global Magnitsky sanctions so they’re now being applied against Venezuela they will soon be used to destroy Nicaragua’s economy and so on so we have to see the repercussions of the Cold War globally Ukraine is next Maidane everyone remembers that it was another color revolution style operation with many of the figures in Maidnae supported by the foundation’s National Endowment for democracy Open Society Institute along with the street muscle of right sector who are Nazis I remember at the time the neocon Jaime Kerchak wrote about Putin’s imaginary Nazis in foreign policy well those imaginary Nazis just celebrated the SS battalion last month in the open you know they’ve renamed streets after Stepan Bandera and roman Shukhevich who were involved in the pogroms of jews they actually renamed the street that leads to Babi Yar the site of jewish extermination after Stepan Bandera so I don’t think we can imagine they’re real those Nazis are real and this is the part of it you know you have to understand the fear of Russia to have Nazis on their border and then of course Syria I don’t want to spend more than 10 seconds on it but we enacted a built one billion dollar program to arm and equip what we consider to be moderate rebels in the only allied state in the Arab League the only state allied with Russia so Nazis and jihadists coming at you on your borders or in your ally in the middle of your Allied States marching on their capitals”

Putin pretended to be Western lackey and then started defending the interests of Russia which is not allowed. He pretended he will let West privatising Russia so voucher or their economy but then decide to protect Russian economy by which is participated in “radical nationalism”, “economic nationalism”, “excessive development.”, which is not allowed. Just like Iraq and Libya participated in “radical nationalism”, “economic nationalism”, “excessive development.” by messing with petro dollar so they were reduce to Terrorist state of ISIS in Iraq and Lybians slave trade state.

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