Petitioning Against Programmable Digital Currencies

In the Twenty-First Century we have all got used to living in a surveillance state. In a city, a town of any size, in many villages, on main roads, cameras watch us – private cameras as well as state cameras. Our money is tracked too. To some extent this is a good thing; if someone is using your debit card, signing cheques in your name, transferring money or property that belongs to you, you want to know and be able to put a stop to it. The banks and other institutions do this constantly, and it is something for which we should be grateful. But if our unelected masters have their way, they rather than you will decide what you can spend your money on, when, and how much.

The United States and many other nations are currently developing digital currencies. The bulk of our financial transactions are carried out using bank cards or transfers rather than cash, indeed this has been the case since before any of us was born; very large transactions have almost always been carried out so. Few people buy a car much less a house using cash. But what if there were no cash? This is what they are aiming for. Why do you think bank branches are closing? Why do you think in many places bus tickets and train tickets can only be bought using card or on-line transactions? 

A lot more could be said about that, but imagine a digital currency issued by the central bank and only the central bank. Imagine this currency being linked to your digital ID. Now imagine someone like Elizabeth Warren, Ilhan Omar or Sheila Jackson Lee having total control over your account. Or some anonymous bureaucrat. Imagine too that this currency is programmable, so you can spend it only on what the state dictates. Imagine it depreciates in value to encourage you to spend it. Imagine a lot more, because a lot more is coming.

The fake fact checkers have got ahold of this and are of course proclaiming it to be a conspiracy theory. AFP Fact Check doesn’t make this claim but it does make a candid admission:

“The Federal Reserve is independent of the government, it’s not part of the government…”

Once, anyone who suggested the Creature from Jekyll Island was a private institution was accused of promoting a conspiracy theory. That claim is now half right; the theory part is wrong.

Leaving all that aside, people everywhere are now waking up, hopefully before it is too late. Here are two petitions:

This one to the British Government has drawn an official response:

This one to the Australian Parliament is closed:

Expect more petitions and a lot more actions as people worldwide wake up to the fact that the New World Order is here, and it’s coming for you.

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