Russian-Georgian conflict from 2008



“Meanwhile in fact under Bush the march in one way or another on Georgia and Ukraine continued. So we got the 2008 Russian-Ukrainian(misspoke meant Russian-Georgian) war. A European investigative commission found that Georgian president Saakashvili had started the war. This is beyond dispute simply beyond dispute. What we don’t know or maybe professor McFaul knows, I don’t know the extent to which Washington did or did not encourage Saakashvili to attack. That to me is a question a legitimate one but i don’t know the answer”


This information was not presented in the West. But if you think about it a little. Look how much territory Russia took from Ukraine. How can anyone think Russia wanted to attack and conquer Georgia and was not able to? Since they were able to fight Ukraine which is a lot stronger than Georgia, then if they really would have wanted to attack and conquer Georgia, Georgia would not exist anymore or would be ruled by a Russia established government. 


I will post a lower article from Reuters describing the finding of an independent report commissioned by the European Union.



Georgia started war with Russia: EU-backed report

Georgia started war with Russia: EU-backed report

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – An independent report blamed Georgia on Wednesday for starting last year’s five-day war with Russia, but said Moscow’s military response went beyond reasonable limits and violated international law. The report commissioned by the European Union said both sides had broken international humanitarian laws and found evidence of ethnic cleansing against ethnic Georgians during Russia’s intervention in the rebel province of South Ossetia.



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