The Great Incel Delusion

Fox News is far less untrustworthy than most of the mainstream American media, but occasionally it gets it wrong. This time it got it spectacularly wrong. On January 4, it interviewed a so-called expert to comment on the suspect in the November 2022 Idaho mass murder. Dr Carole Lieberman is said to be a forensic psychiatrist and body language expert. Like the talking head who interviewed her on LiveNOW from FOX she affirmed Bryan Kohberger’s guilt and also said he was mentally fit to stand trial. Which begs the question, if he is so obviously guilty, why does there have to be a trial, surely the good doctor knows best?

Dr Lieberman has a long history of this sort of quackery; she has been quoted in the media since at least 1985, and in February 2011 made a fool of herself by claiming that violent video games were responsible in large part for the increase in (reported) rapes. Shucks, anyone who has researched this subject will tell you the real reason is feminist brainwashing.

The best thing that can said about Dr Lieberman is that she doesn’t look her age, though it remains to be seen if this is due to the portrait in her attic or Botox. The worse thing that can be said about her in this instance is that however impressive her medical qualifications, she knows nothing about the law, in particular about due process.

She has also appeared on GB News wherein she diagnosed Meghan Markle as a malignant narcissist and sociopath claiming she caused the premature deaths of both Prince Philip and the Queen. Quite an achievement if true, but she is far from the first person to make all those claims. Royal insider Lady Colin Campbell has made similar pronouncements. The Queen was undoubtedly very ill, but the stress of both the treachery of Prince Harry and the witch-hunt of Prince Andrew may well have shortened her life. Returning to the subject at hand though,  the good doctor diagnoses Kohberger as an incel, identifying mass murderer Elliot Rodger as the most “famous” incel. It is surprising how many people allude to the dregs of humanity as famous instead of infamous.

Incels, she says, have just started a campaign called “Free Bryan Kohberger”. There is indeed such a campaign on a dedicated incel forum; it remains to be seen how seriously it is to be taken, but what appears to be the first post in this thread states: “We are dedicated to the exoneration of Bryan Kohberger who is innocent until proven guilty.”

Hear that, Dr Lieberman? These sad young men understand the law better than you. Two weeks on from Dr Lieberman’s pronouncements, the public is a little wiser, but others who like her should know better continue to pronounce Kohberger guilty. While the case against Kohberger does look very strong, there may be alternative explanations for some of the evidence against him. For example, was the knife sheath found at the scene the deliberate clue many murderers are said to leave subconsciously, or was it planted by someone who knows him? Is the DNA said to have been found on the knife really his? Tiny quantities of DNA can be misleading because a DNA profile is actually lines on a piece of paper. DNA profiling is an art that has been dressed up by scientists and presented to the public as magic, but false hits are far more common than the public is led to believe.

Leaving that aside, is there really an incel movement? The ADL has compiled a long list of what it identifies as incel outrages and even offers a definition of them, including:

“Incels are heterosexual men who blame women and society for their lack of romantic success”.

As opposed to feminists who blame men for EVERYTHING;

dedicated anti-Semites who blame Jews for everything;

communists who blame capitalism for everything, und so weiter.

 The reality is there is no incel movement; the clue is in the word involuntary; incel is a shortened version of “involuntary celibate”. Involuntary suggests a certain lack of enthusiasm; terrorism suggests just the opposite, namely a willingness to commit acts of violence and destruction of property to achieve a political goal, in other words the end justifies the means.

Most incels simply want to get laid or form meaningful relationships with women, not murder them. A better term for the deliberate infliction of pain or worse on women is that much overused word misogyny. Some incels seek female adulation, and it is a shocking fact that serial killers in particular get more of this than any of them. Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and many others have received sacksful of mail from adoring female fans. The reason why is a subject for another article.

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