Diamonds Are Not Forever

The death has been reported of Lynette Hardaway, one half of the social media pundits Diamond And Silk. She was just 51 years old and passed away at her North Carolina home on January 9.  Little information has been released at the present time, but her family have asked to be allowed to grieve privately.

The Hardaway Sisters uploaded their first YouTube video on January 2, 2015. Running to a mere 1 minute 20 seconds it was called BLACK LIVES MATTER and would identify them as Democrats rather than Republicans, definitely not Trump supporters. Yet less than a year later they were calling on American blacks to “ditch the Democratic plantation”, becoming two of Donald Trump’s most outspoken supporters.

A loud black woman isn’t necessarily an intelligent one, but these two knew what they were talking about, and anyone – man or woman – who crossed swords with them would live to regret it. They were photographed often with the then President, including at the White House. They also testified before Congress in April 2018, and predictably were smeared by the usual suspects with the smears reserved for black conservatives.

They also published a book called UPRISING The Awakening Of Diamond And Silk.

People have short memories even without the constant gaslighting of the American media, but up until he announced his run for the Presidency, Donald Trump was widely admired by American blacks. frequently rubbing shoulders with the likes of Al Sharpton and even making cameo appearances on black TV shows. The Hardaway Sisters were not taken in by all the media lies, nor were they taken in for long by the scam of Black Lives Matter as can be seen from their subsquent videos. Their disdain for Joe Biden is a matter of public record.

Tributes to Diamond have flooded in including from Trump himself who said this was “Really bad news for Republicans and frankly, all Americans…There was no better team anywhere or at any time!” 

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