TG 975: U.S. Mainstream Media Purport To Be Puzzled As To Who Blew Up Nord Stream Pipelines

“That’s exactly right and that’s the American goal. The American goal is you know and Trump was very explicit about this. They want to, you know, eliminate Europe as any kind of an economic rival to the United States and that’s a long-term goal. I mean they’ve been, this has been an American goal really since the 1960s. That they did not want Europe as any sort of an economic rival and they’re well on the way to getting this. Macron may complain: but we are paying four times more for liquefied natural gas than the Americans. Yeah that’s it that’s that’s pretty much it. But uh you know you are destroying our Industries with whatcha. Yeah yeah that’s kind of what we’re doing. I mean yeah, that’s the plan. The plan is a BMW made in America. Exactly.”

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