THE EMPTY POCKETS in the flesh and on-line

During the hopefully long gone lockdowns, many performers put on live shows broadcast by YouTube, including Al Stewart acolyte and collaborator Dave Nachmanoff. Al’s backing band has now gone one better with on-line ticket events to supplement their live shows. 

The inventor of historical folk-rock is taking December off, he’s not touring anyway, but The Empty Pockets have a live show on December 11 at the City Winery in Chicago. You can check out a sample of their music free at their on-line store, but whether or not you take out your debit card, there is one recent song every Biden and Trudeau voter should listen to. Privatize The Profits is on YouTube, and it is a wonder that at the time of writing it has been played less than 250 times in 3 months.

One tiny criticism can be made of the song, things aren’t the same after all these years, they’re getting worse.

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