FTX Collapse Highlights the Extreme Depth of US Corruption

Opening a fortune cookie at an Asian restaurant only to find an FTX advert inside well illustrates just how extant and perfidious western fraud has become. Powers-that-be in crooked Vanguard-BlackRock markets leapt on the crypto bandwagon to assist in laundering Fed funny money, to sterilize free capital, launder it, and keep easy Fed thin-air dollars out of gold and silver.

Note that highly criminalized operators like BlackRock, Vanguard, StateStreet, etc pushed GBTC, Microstrategy, ARKK, RIOT (for example) on the forever greedy/gullible public with CNBC and Bloomberg marketing scams, supported by dodgy exchanges. FOMO marketing — led by the detritus who rule — was just one part of the plan.

With so much capital and political power (related to that capital) at stake, and the ability for bitcoin/crypto to sterilize capital as well as launder it, there was never any prospect that bitcoin would be the revolutionary holy grail to topple the criminal western monetary system – and its dirty banks – that shills like Max Keiser, Mike Saylor, and Stacy Herbert said it would.

The punters that Keiser and Musk suckered into crypto play on the same slippery field as the Bank of Big, but at least the Bank of Big has some window dressing of trust, and perhaps some accountability, whereas the depraved gen z drug addicts of crypto have none. Link: https://nypost.com/2022/11/21/polyamory-pills-inside-sam-bankman-frieds-ftx-party-pad/

Now it appears that the MSM is beginning to “black hole” the FTX collapse details and ‘Epstein’ the fraud. Search for ‘Sam Bankman Fried flees’ on google… latest reports date from nine days ago and more. Whether in the Bahamas (…or not) so far as we are aware no Interpol red notice or US federal arrest warrant has been issued for his arrest… which is astounding and well illustrates how amoral and corrupt the “democracy” of censorship and cancel culture in the former United States has become.

Instead of “Bankman-Fried” fleeing for Argentina – as erroneously reported by others – it appears the best that the failed Congress can do is to invite this inhuman piece of excrement to a Capitol hearing … where he will no doubt be scolded a bit by Congress members (owned by the very Wall Street scammers who allowed FTX to ever happen in the first place) and then allowed to leave without an arrest.

Meanwhile plenty in the crypto sphere still say the FTX fraud represents “growing pains” and “teething issues” for crypto. That’s crap. Crypto – all of it – walks talks and behaves like a scam. And that’s the crypto scam… “stablecoins” “tokens” or whatever crypto-con fantasy you wish to describe, obfuscated in whatever acronym terms, jargon, insider buzz words, or utter nonsense that seem persuasive in prolonging the fraud.

Novus Confidential has written for years about the money laundering scam that is crypto:

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The next move is determine whether highly suspect characters such as Tina Kotek and many Democrat politicians had their campaigns financed not just by George Soros – a dangerous Deep Stater of long note – but also by the 30-year old meth freak “Sam Bankman Fried” and his vile crooked accessories, such as Caroline Ellison.

These crypto crooks are far more dangerous than common criminals. That’s because crypto crooks loot, pilfer, and debauch with the blessing and encouragement of Vanguard Group, BlackRock, State Street and many more established Wall Street names and banks, in collusion with their obvious cohorts/henchmen at the Fed-Treasury and primary dealers.

Beyond that, the “Bankman-Fried”‘s of this world unduly wield influence in America’s democracy which is not “a democracy” at all – and certainly not a Constitutional Republic as founded…. but an abomination of corruption, criminality, perfidy, and politicized perversion.

**… there are many more articles about the Fed-supported crypto scam on this site

Steve Brown

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