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Hi,I could not find how to contact anyone. As he lives in London I was trying initially to contact Alexander Mercouris.

I started following the Ukrainian conflict because I could see the articles in the Spectator were all anti-Russian hate filled garbage, so I started trying to find out what was really going on.

I then found that the conflict was particularly relevant to my interest in the Boudican campaign and particularly river crossings which relate to the Boudican campaign where General Suetonius was unable to hold London on the Thames. I think this happens to be very similar to the situation in Kherson.

So, I started trying to understand not just what was happening, but also to what extent this might be translated to a very different fight using swords and not guns.

So, I have been loitering on Russian Telegram channels, wondering how I can ask some questions like “what is the spacing between artillery”, “how many men are on the front”, “What is the plan of the defences”, etc. Needless to say, I have not achieved anything by direct questions.

But by reading a lot of post, listening to informed commentators like you, and following the action, I’ve gained a general idea, indeed I’m now on page 18 of my “topology of war”, however I’m still very much in the dark about some aspects like that of urban warfare. Also, I don’t know how typical are the various videos I see … which are one of my main sources of information.

On the Kherson withdrawal, I have been following this particularly closely, because my assumption had been that a General holding a position like Kherson would naturally have to withdraw across the bridge to their “own” side. So, I had documented the problems with the bridges and it really was a precarious position.

I’m now intrigued to see how Suroviken manages the withdrawal … indeed I assumed he would have completed the withdrawal before making the public announcement, so assumed I wake up to posts of Zelensky forces taking over deserted settlements.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in discussing the details of the campaign, I would be keen to talk with them.

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