Tucker Carlson: Admission from America: This war is Biden’s wish. [Video]

Tucker said it. I wish he had said it back in April. Folks, Tucker nails it now and he needs to, because now the threat of nuclear conflict is quite elevated.

It is important to say this: The threat of nuclear war is not being generated by the wishes of Vladimir Putin in a vacuum. The fact that President Putin is talking about the use of nuclear weapons is because since February 22, two days before the Ukraine operation started, the West has made at least five somewhat-veiled to unveiled threats against the Russian Federation on the use of nuclear weapons.

President Putin is simply saying: Do that and it will be answered. You won’t have time to know what hit you.

The question remains as to whether there are enough good Americans who are not too drugged-up to act, to melt the Congressional lines and to force their government to stop its nihilistic drive towards population reduction in the most radical ways possible.

The governments in the West are out of control. But there are more citizens than there are members of the ruling class. Who will deal with this, if not us? Remember: The ruling class WANTS this war.

In effect, the ruling class wants YOU dead.

Do you want you dead? If not, it is time to do something.


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