Twitter Must Go ..!

Twitter is now besieged by a sinister group of pro-NATO digital vandals and trolls called “NAFO”.  Link: These NAFO accounts, many of which are bots ie duplicates, have been largely created by Ukrainian hackers and US OPSEC sorts*, NATO surrogates, with plenty of adjunct delusional “NATO fans”, banded together on twitter to harass en masse any voice of criticism regarding US/NATO support for the Zelensky regime, or critical of western support for militarist escalation in the Ukraine.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of these NAFO accounts on twitter, most appearing since May, with a deluge of accounts in summer. Via a sort of hacker herd mentality, NAFO has weaponized the twitter platform. Harassment by NAFO accounts of any anti-NATO/western sentiment on twitter has shutdown whatever reasonable discourse there was about Russia’s SMO versus NATO’s arming of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But most alarming, NAFO digital militants frequently issue violent threats online, versus those who disagree.

It appears that mega-miscreant US Congressman Adam Kinzinger is largely behind this militant NAFO extremism, perhaps at the behest of Langley-MI6 and the SBU ; or perhaps just based upon his own sick, twisted nouveauxNeocon extremist vision. One must wonder about the people of Illinois, electing such a vile NATO militant to office.

Of course the foregoing has no real impact on the progress of the SMO. I only report this to illustrate the sub-human level of “intellect” we encounter with regard to these NAFO goons. Imagine if accounts sympathetic to the SMO were issuing violent threats to Ukrainians? …or to Brits or Americans? They’d be suspended in a heartbeat. But twitter does nothing when Russian people or those sympathetic to the goals of the SMO are violently threatened. And as such.. twitter must be shutdown. Twitter does not even follow its own terms of service rules.

Now, the fact that the Kiev regime failed to act on the Minsk-2 agreement, and that US State urged Kiev not to act, truly assigns blame for this conflict to US State, NATO, and Kiev. But of course that’s a narrative you will never read or hear about in the captured western media.

Regardless, most political pragmatists understand and sense that the escalation occurring in the Ukraine is a precursor to outright world war. Extremist Neocon militants like Kinzinger and Lyndsey Graham, US State, and the autocrats of the EU, have no reverse gear. While Russia refuses to compromise its security so that the US hegemon and NATO can expand to threaten Russia.

But as Pepe Escobar has written: the Empire of Chaos is the collective west; and as its hegemony collapses, the chaos the failed US hegemonic invokes will become ever greater…

Steve Brown

*ultra-sinister Project Owl OSINT comes to mind.

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