The Worst And The Best Of American Basketball Players

In February this year, the basketball player Brittney Griner was arrested at a Russian airport for possessing illegal drugs. She has now been sentenced to nine years behind bars.

Jonathan Isaac doesn’t do drugs, and unlike Griner he has never turned his back on the American flag.

Griner’s case has been represented as politically motivated. In the wake of her sentencing, a message appeared on the White House website, allegedly from Joe Biden himself:

“Today, American citizen Brittney Griner received a prison sentence that is one more reminder of what the world already knew: Russia is wrongfully detaining Brittney.”

Okay, before pointing out the obvious facts here, let us take a deep dive. Brittney Griner is what might rightly be described as an unusual woman, though not in the same sense as Zoora Shah – thankfully! Griner stands around 6 foot 8 and has such a deep voice that she sounds like a man. She does not appear to have any chromosomal anomalies, but some people are just odd.

Because of her height she was enticed into her sport, and unsurprisingly she excels at it, but she has problems elsewhere. She is a lesbian, which although not a problem for most people nowadays was for her father. She also has a quick temper and on one occasion broke the nose of another player during a match. There appear to have been no mention of criminal charges, but she did pick up a short ban and was told to tackle her anger issues.

Male basketball players in the United States can reap ludicrous rewards, not so the women’s game, and Griner was lured to Russia where for some reason female players are paid much more. She has played in Russia since 2016 following a short stint in China. She was also seduced by the lying propaganda of Black Lives Matter; she can be forgiven for that, a lot of otherwise highly intelligent people have still not seen through the scam, but disrespecting the national anthem is a different matter.

When Griner appeared in court she did something no feminist would ever do, she accepted responsibility for her actions. As drug offences go, this was far from serious, but it earned her a 9 year sentence out of a possible maximum 10. Is this politically motivated? Probably not, not all Western decadence is well received in Russia, including homosexuality and recreational drugs, which often go together.

In April 2019, a woman with duel American-Israeli citizenship was arrested in Moscow while in transit from India. Naama Issachar had 9 grammes of cannabis in her possession which earned her a seven and a half year sentence the following October, so there is really no need to see the hand of Vladimir Putin behind the Griner sentencing. All the same, her guilty plea should have been worth something, so she should appeal and will hopefully see some reduction in sentence.

Which brings us to Jonathan Isaac, whose “crime” is  that he objects to people being pressured into taking drugs, in particular a certain vaccine.  Last September he appeared in a smear article by Rolling Stone. Isaac has also refused to “take a knee” for Black Lives Matter. Recently, he spoke to The Epoch Times about that smear and the politics behind vaccination. People were given a choice he said: take the vaccine and take a knee; if  you choose any other option you are evil. This guy is only 24 so his career has a long way to go, but afterwards he should go into politics. That is if thinking for yourself is still permitted then.

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