Putin is still healthy

For a long time, world media have reported about numerous diseases of the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In 2014, the Russian leader was credited with pancreatic disease. Journalists wrote that he had cancer in one of the last stages and he was given no more then three years to live.There were publications that the German doctor who treated V. Putin refuses to come to Russia. Moreover, the media reported that this same doctor treated Putin from cancer in the GDR.

The Russian president’s diseases are often written by observers of the Russian scene. He was credited with cancer of the spinal cord, which explained his periodic pain in the back.

Even the release at the end of 2014 from the prison of opposition Vladimir Khodorkovsky was associated with the disease of the Russian leader. This fact was seen as an attempt to cleanse conscience before the inevitable death. Because the good nature of Putin is not characteristic.

In 2015, Putin was again buried. The “Voice of America” connected a ten day absence of the President of the Russian Federation with a serious illness. Rumors were put forward about his substitution with a double. There were many reports with the analysis of the face of the Russian president (the form of ear shells, labial folds, the location of the birthmark, etc.). In the same 2015, the 77-year-old surgeon Lidia Bass-Bugakova (worked in the regional hospital in the Luhansk region) reported Putin’s cancer.

In 2016, the Ukrainian media wrote that Putin was weakening day by day. The famous political scientist Valery Solovey on YouTube channel “Feigin.Live” said that Putin is hard to think and President is sick with cancer.

In the fall of 2021, in an interview, a Putin’s classmate spoke about his next dangerous disease – colon cancer.

With the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine, the numerous diseases of Vladimir Putin have intensified. In May of this year, they reported with reference to a person close to the head of state about blood cancer.

The British “The Sun” also made another difficult diagnosis in May of this year – dymentation. According to “The Mirror”, Putin manically moved his legs and his face was swollen, which indicates a heavy ailment.

According to US intelligence, President Putin in April was treated from cancer. At the end of May the head of the military intelligence of Ukraine Budanov again said that they had information that the Russian leader was sick with cancer. At the same time, British scouts gave him two years of life.

In June, Putin did not appear in public for several days, in connection with which rumors appeared that he was in a coma.

Meanwhile, the Russian leader is still healthy, what was confirmed last week  by American intelligence officers.

And many world media can open a separate column about the health of the Russian president.

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