Real Crime And Non-Crime In Trowbridge

Trowbridge is a small town in the West Country; it has a population of around thirty-three thousand. Nothing much happens there but it was in the news twice last week.

On Sunday, two police officers called at the home of a Trowbridge housewife following a complaint about a posting on social media. She had used #UntowardAboutPaedophiles in relation to a video, and someone took offence to it. A paedophile perhaps?

The two hapless plod were clearly out of their depth, and the housewife concerned made sure she informed the local press. The related report was soon deleted but not before it had been archived by the Wayback Machine. Unfortunately for Wiltshire Police, the Daily Telegraph and the Times also latched onto the story.

On Monday, a teenage girl was attacked on a footpath near the railway station. She gave a good account of herself, and her attacker ran off when he saw another member of the public. The girl was treated in hospital for an injury, and so was her attacker, who was promptly arrested.

Clearly the second incident was very serious while the first one…are you serious?

Whatever one thinks of Black Lives Matter, not all their policies are totally idiotic. Defunding the police or more specifically defunding some of their idiotic practices makes sense.

One practice that needs to be defunded is their investigation of non-crime hate incidents, the genesis of which goes back to the ludicrous Macpherson Report after the 1993 murder of Stephen Lawrence.

In the UK, the police do not generally arrest prostitutes or their clients but they are being pressured to harass the latter by feminist hatemongers, and in the USA, much precious police time is wasted investigating such victimless crimes.

Another field which needs rethinking is recreational drugs. Yes, the United States does have a massive problem with fentanyl at the moment, but even some senior police officers and members of the judiciary have long realised the war on drugs creates more problems than it solves.

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