Tune In To TERFtalk Tuesdays

If you are not familiar with the word TERF (as opposed to turf) it is of course an acronym.  The term stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminist, or as they are increasingly becoming known, women who exhibit common sense.

The TERF talking on Tuesdays is everyone’s favourite peroxide blonde mother of four Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, but as she no longer considers herself a feminist, she can be forgiven for using this term. She abandoned feminism when she realised so-called feminists were not defending women’s rights, real women’s rights. Had she studied the history of first wave feminism – a terrorist movement, and second wave feminism – a movement that equates marriage with prostitution, she would never have called herself one in the first place.

Anyone wanting to phone in can do so on her YouTube channel at 8pm UK time.  Her first phone-in lasted just under an hour and heard some horror stories. If you thought the trans movement was bad in the UK, you really don’t want to hear what has been going on in the US, but if you have a strong stomach, check out the Matt Walsh documentary What Is A Woman?

A generation ago or less, the idea that young boys could be castrated on the whim of a deranged parent or that teenage girls could have their breasts amputated by a modern Dr Frankenstein, and that this could be done with state approval, would have sounded like some grotesque Gothic horror novel, but this is what has been happening. And incredibly, people like Kellie who oppose it, or an unidentified father in Canada who try to stop it, are the ones branded criminals.

If you want to help fight this madness, consider joining Kellie’s organisation or the Daily Wire, but for the sake of your sanity, don’t read the trans petitions on Change Dot Org. This madness has clearly affected the people who run that website.

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