The West needs Putin

It really is. At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many Western leaders said that the political regime in Russia needed to be changed. But this is a lie! However, in fact, Washington and Brussels benefit from the preservation of the current Russian political realities, as well as the continuation of the war in Ukraine. Despite the casualties among Ukrainians, economic and energy crises that will only intensify in Europe and the United States.

Why a long war with Russia is more profitable for NATO than a victory over Moscow. Except for the exhaustion of forces, which will inevitably occur during the years of conflict. In addition to the psychological fatigue of society, which will begin to manifest itself over time and will need to be supported by increased information influence. There is one more point.

As long as the war continues,no reforms, no changes and transformations will take place in Russia.This applies to all spheres of activity and life. There is no chance for that.

War is a way to rally society,to strengthen power, to resolve the persecution of dissent. And no change. It turns out that in Russia for many years there will remain that political system that will not sag under external pressure, will actively oppose all Western values and closely monitor society.Do not allow your citizens to accept and believe information from alternative sources. The West, in this case, gets an enemy for many years to come. This means that there will always be a reason for huge spending on weapons and there will always be an opportunity to explain to their population the internal political problems in their countries. Everything will be Putin’s fault! It is already being actively used. Old Biden justifies all his mistakes by the actions of the Russian president. He probably fell off his bike because of a vision of the Russian president. He is actively sung along by Canada,Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Estonia, Latvia and other countries.

In the event of the end of the war and the victory of one of the parties, the consequences can be unpredictable. The Russian Empire ceased to exist after the First World War. The USSR arose on its ruins. This country has become one of the centers of world power. Germany was also the losing side in the First World War. Everyone remembers what happened next.

If Western states continue to pit Ukraine and Russia against each other, this conflict will stretch for decades, which is beneficial to political elites. This means that Europeans now need to get used to difficulties and wean themselves from the comfort to which they have become accustomed over many years of a quiet life. Russians can live in the forest, they are accustomed to this.

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