Switzerland closes airspace

Takeoffs and landings are halted at Zurich and Geneva airports, forcing incoming flights to reroute

Switzerland closed its airspace for safety reasons early on Wednesday after a glitch in the country’s air traffic control system.

“This airspace closure is in effect until further notice,” the air traffic control service Skyguide said, adding that it was working to fix the “technical malfunction.”

The move has paralyzed the country’s major airports in Zurich and Geneva, which have stopped all landings and takeoffs.

Zurich Airport said passengers were allowed inside and check-ins were ongoing, but boarding had been suspended.

Switzerland-bound planes have to reroute to airports in other countries, a Skyguide spokesperson told Radio SFR.

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Flights from Dubai and Johannesburg have already been forced to land in Milan, according to data from the Flightradar24 website.

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