This is what we should be afraid of: Amerinsanity [Video]

You heard it first here, of course, from our Chief Editor and Editor, Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou, respectively, and also from me.

Russia is winning. The United States, under Imposter Biden and a truly insane Congress, and aided and abetted by a woke and insane media establishment, has been gleefully sending Ukrainian soldiers to their deaths, fighting for no purpose other than to annoy the Bear.

This was never going to work, at least not the way that the American people were lied to about this. The Hollywood-esque story of David and Goliath does not apply to the roles of Ukraine and Russia. It never did, and there is no way that the situation ever could.

Here is why: David served the Lord God. Ukraine casts this conflict as serving itself. (Slava Ukraina! – “Glory to Ukraine!”)

Bad move, folks.

Ukraine’s power elite are energized only by hatred of Russia for reasons even they cannot adequately explain. If you want proof of this, go find a pro-Ukrainian Ukrainian and ask them how they feel about Russia and about Putin and try to get them to explain why they feel and think the way they do. Most likely, you will get a blustering furious response that ends with something like “you cannot understand this; you are not Ukrainian!!” and then the person’s utter shutdown.

Folks, this is not rational.

Again – David served the Lord God, and God gave him the scrappiness to take down the feared Goliath.

In Ukraine and Russia’s case, both are Orthodox Christian nations, but one nation’s government has been co-opted by secular humanism and the other has not. Russia is moving towards a retraditionalization of its country along Christian lines. Ukraine wants to be European.

Big difference.

The worst aspect of this war may yet be to come – that of nuclear conflict, driven by insane Western leaders who will not listen to their constituents who do not want such a war. (We all need to be melting the phone lines to our Congressional representation, regardless of their party affiliation. I commit to you, my readers, that I will do this today, Tuesday June 14th, with my representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) and state senators John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet (both D-Colorado). I suggest that if you do not want to go up in the cloud, you do the same with your own elected representatives.

Biden’s surrogate, Gen. Lloyd Austin, wanted this fight to hurt Russia. Earlier I said this was to  ‘annoy the Bear’, it was also ostensibly to punish the Bear for not being a woke perverted nation like the West is trying to be.

The Bear is a little more than annoyed, folks. It is pissed.

This war is ready to end. But it will not end yet. Ukraine could have sued for peace and gotten it, but the Ukrainian government (American vassals, or perhaps the ‘Mer’kins’ are vassals to Mr. Zelensky these days, right “Slava Ukraina!” Pelosi?) scotched their chance by lying instead of negotiating. Remember this piece about Istanbul? All that progress was rejected by Zelensky because Boris Johnson wanted to keep the war going… to the last Ukrainian.

Great job, Mr. Johnson, reinforcing England’s reputation as a selfish, brutal people.

This war is the Russian’s side to end. The sense that exists here in Russia is not hateful at all against Ukraine – honestly, I have seen STILL absolutely no sense of hatred towards the Ukrainian people here since all this started. We are praying for the people there and the people here who are involved and affected by the conflict – and that is all of us.

But there is also absolute determination that this special military operation is going to completed according to Russia’s goals, which were clearly stated at the beginning and have not softened at all. In fact, as we see from the maps showing the slow and steady advance of Russian forces, Ukraine is being slowly consumed, and this process will stop when the Russian command authorities assess that it is time to stop.

Thanks to the United States and the United Kingdom, Ukraine’s government has burned its bridges to peace. The thing that ought to be the focus for the refugees and people still living in Ukraine is that the West has once again done its playact of support of a country whilst using that country’s resources in proxy wars that otherwise would not have happened.

Think about it: Would Ukraine have ever fought Russia without the EuroMaidan? That “revolution” was nothing of the kind. Some people believe it was, they hoped it was, but that “Revolution of Dignity” led to the utter humiliation of a great nation and a great and beautiful people, because they believed in something other than God, the very God that their own land upheld so beautifully in history. The God of Israel, Isaac and Jacob is a lot more worthy of trust than the tin, glittery gods of financial prosperity and perverted libertine and hedonistic living that the US and Europe have been promoting for decades.

Ukraine’s fall is the result of that country’s effective rejection of God. Now, this will irritate many people, who will strongly shout / write that Ukraine is far more religious than Russia is, that Ukraine’s Orthodox Christians are far more devoted and consistent in their religious practice than Russians are.

That may be true. But, just as there are many Christians in the United States, and that country is falling apart, and there is a reason: the West views religion in a secular sense. It is something “nice for people to have.” It is “something that guides morals.” But the USA used to place its reliance upon God. President Trump repeatedly noted this in his speeches. The faithful Ukrainians certainly exist and there are saints among them. But a greater aggregate of these people got into the way of thinking that the West has – self-sufficiency, a moving “beyond” the need for reliance and obedience to Christ, and the results are evident. Evil. Death. War. And most of all, feebleness, insanity and the inability to react in a practical and sane manner.

Think about this. We are seeing collective insanity – and this is not rhetoric writing, just observe for yourself! – true lack of coherent, discursive, reason. It is gone in the West. And that is why we are in a proxy war that has a very real chance of going nuclear, for no good reason whatsoever.

Think about it: What cause have we for this? Is anyone trying to take over the world? No. Russia isn’t even trying to take over Ukraine, though honestly, it will probably have to do so. But this was never a war of conquest.

This is not Hitler and the Axis trying to subjugate the planet. It is mostly anger because a great power refuses to dance to the same tune that the other great power wants to play. Russia’s “crime” against the world is its determination to chart its own course. It is really ironic that the United States of America should have any problem with that; after all the US itself charted the same course very successfully in the 19th century and the establishment of what we now call the Monroe Doctrine is only being repeated in Russia’s sphere of influence.

But in the secular “post Christian” thinking of the West, Russia’s great crime is that it is moving towards Christian Empire, towards symphonia, change of the country from the inside out. It is far from a Christian paradise, to be sure. But it condones Christianity’s spread and living and that has an effect.

Russia is not alone. Hungary is moving the same way. So is Serbia, and so is Matteo Salvini in Italy’s Lega Party. Even Poland, despite its unreasoning hatred of Russia, is often credited alongside Russia because it sees alignment within Roman Catholicism as extremely important.

Europe has its own Christian pariahs as well. Ukraine is one of them, but the West was able to defang that nation’s Christian guides and so now, it is a proxy to secularism, with a badly split Church, a pseudo-Orthodox Christian structure that seeks at its roots to destroy the Orthodox Church and Orthodox Christianity by rendering it irrelevant to progress. This approach worked very well in the USA.

We have a lot to consider here. The stakes are very high in this conflict. While I personally carry a rather positive attitude about the resolution of the conflict, there is cause like what is presented in the videos embedded in this piece to make me wonder if my optimism is just hopeful denial. Russia will win. But there is a question beyond that victory – will we all end up losing?

Serious stuff, this is. The way out of it starts with melting the phone lines to our own Congress. If they do not listen to us (and if enough of us really do not want the war that is offered to us) then it will be time to remove the existing government, since it no longer follows the Constitutionally defined mandate to serve the people of the United States of America.

They certainly are not serving us by nuking other nations. Are they?



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