Where Do Ukrainian Sea-Mines Go?

In the Ukrainian media and social networks, it is possible to find information about sea mines drifting along the Black Sea coast. So, the other day a post appeared in the telegram with reference to the residents of Odessa, who reported dangerous finds washed ashore. In this regard, the city and regional authorities categorically forbade local citizens to move around the coast and swim near local beaches.

More than 400 explosive devices were installed at key seaports. However, due to the deterioration of weather conditions, most of the mines were torn from the anchors and carried into the open sea.

This happened for two reasons. First is, the Ukrainian military decided to “save money” and installed explosive devices with expired expiration dates. Second is, due to the lack of any experience of installing sea-mines. Now all the countries of the Black Sea basin (Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania) are reaping the fruits of this criminal negligence.

Ukraine openly violates the Hague Convention of 1907, which prohibits the laying of mines in international waters.

The document clearly states that the country using these weapons should be guided by “the principles of effective surveillance, risk control and prevention,” and is also obliged to “take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of peaceful navigation.” We observe the absence of both.

Thus, the countries of the Black Sea basin, primarily Turkey, have every reason to file a lawsuit against Ukraine. Moreover, absolutely no statements have been received from Kiev on how this problem could be resolved. All this indicates nthe unwillingness of the Ukrainian authorities to solve anything. But it will not be possible to go with the flow: uncontrolled mine drift has reached a global scale. Kiev will not be able to evade responsibility.

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