There’s Something Much Bigger Going On Here | Dr. Robert Malone 2022


While MSM continues stuffing your face full with wall-to-wall coverage of Ukraine, unelected technocrats in your own backyard are acting in collusion with corrupt, compromised politicians to whittle-down & permanently eliminate every single Constitutional Right and civil liberty you as a citizen have ever known, enjoyed and reasonably come to expect from living within a democracy. Say bye-bye to all that. They also want your property & savings too. Or did you think that the WEF’s proposal that by 2024 “you’ll own nothing and be happy” was just wishful thinking? Think neo-feudalism if you want a picture of what the future holds in store for us. Well, that and a boot forever stomping on a human face.

Let’s do a recap and see where we stand right now, shall we?: They’ve shut down your businesses, they’ve made you wear stupid masks of submission, they’ve forced you to stand 6 feet apart from one another, they’ve taken control of your children in schools to indoctrinate them with all sorts of weird ideologies (most of which seem to revolve around an assorted variety of sexual psychopathies), they’ve browbeat, cajoled, hoodwinked & blackmailed you into taking an experimental inoculation for which they purposely sought & obtained beforehand zero percent legal liability in case of adverse effects, they’ve made you hand-over your children for jabbing too, they even managed put you under house arrest for awhile by simply calling it a ‘quarantine’. And what has been your response to absolutely everything they’ve demanded until now?

COMPLIANCE! Craven, cowardly, obtuse, despicable, servile, abject COMPLIANCE! 2 full years worth of it, too!

So much so that if the technocrats had told people that shoving a cucumber up their sphincters would help prevent “Covid”, we would probably have suffered a corresponding immediate shortage of cucumbers! I even suspect many would have double-cucumbered, …just in case!

I’m generalizing, of course. But it’s a valid generalization. As proven by the vast numbers of people who voluntarily adhered to all of the aforementioned abuses up above. My guess is that most followers of The Duran are sophisticated enough thinkers to have at least partially realized what’s going on and hopefully rebelled against it, at least a little bit. But what’s that, in terms of sheer numbers, other than a mere handful of people? The preponderant amount of people has proven to be comprised by insouciant fools who mistakenly believe that you can somehow comply your way out of a totalitarian dictatorship. Don’t worry, they’ll learn soon enough.

The problem is that we’ll ALL have to pay for their learning curve.



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