Hero cops rescue crashed pilot from oncoming train (VIDEOS)

A crashed pilot was saved from almost certain death after police pulled him from a train track just before impact

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers rescued a pilot from his crashed plane just seconds before a train slammed into the aircraft, with the shocking footage going viral online.

In police body camera footage, officers could be seen racing to pull the severely injured pilot out of his plane, which had crash landed on a train line at San Fernando Road and Osborne Street. Just seconds after they pulled the bloodied pilot out, the train could be seen tearing the aircraft apart.

Foothill Division Officers displayed heroism and quick action by saving the life of a pilot who made an emergency landing on the railroad tracks at San Fernando Rd. and Osborne St., just before an oncoming train collided with the aircraft. pic.twitter.com/DDxtGGIIMo

— LAPD HQ (@LAPDHQ) January 10, 2022

In other footage captured by shocked spectator Luis Jimenez, a large piece of plane debris was sent flying over nearby civilians – narrowly avoiding the cameraman and others nearby who would likely have been killed by such an impact.

Debris from the plane that narrowly missed hitting me pic.twitter.com/2DVuo6GaMG

— Luis Jimenez (@ComposerLuis) January 9, 2022

The LAPD praised the officers for having “displayed heroism and quick action” and the incident went viral on social media.

Holy shit. Heroes. https://t.co/YUJCIcWlio

— Matt Oswalt (@MattOswaltVA) January 10, 2022

“Love our men and women in blue!” tweeted New York Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin, while news anchor Theron Zahn wrote, “If this happened in a movie you would say it could never happen in real life…”

If this happened in a movie you would say it could never happen in real life… https://t.co/q3JbArRolw

— Theron Zahn (@TheronZahnKOMO) January 10, 2022

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