#BareShelvesBiden trends in US over supply issues

As supply shortages continue in the US, conservatives blame President Biden for the bare shelves

#BareShelvesBiden became one of Twitter’s top political trending topics as Americans posted photos of empty supermarket shelves amid continuous supply chain issues in the US.

Angry social media users displayed photos of empty supermarket shelves from the across the US and blamed President Joe Biden for the supply issues, with one American complaining, “I feel like I am in a third world country.”

Walmart, Spanish Fork UT#BareShelvesBiden pic.twitter.com/G8EIbfHcu8

— SazzygirlinCali (@RjbRocklin) January 9, 2022

Pet food aisle at an Albertson’s grocery store in Marysville, Wa #BareShelvesBiden pic.twitter.com/PMgeexVdYU

— JMAB (@Justinmabrown) January 9, 2022

#BareShelvesBiden Southern, PA pic.twitter.com/om7Que4teB

— Unsophisticated Frank (@Frankie_chins) January 9, 2022

Conservative commentator and Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec appeared to spearhead the social media campaign, encouraging critics of the 46th president to publish their own images.

Grocery store in Falls Church, VA #BareShelvesBiden pic.twitter.com/MLU5gP1mlz

— Jack Posobiec 🍊 (@JackPosobiec) January 9, 2022

Instead of mean Tweets we have #BareShelvesBiden pic.twitter.com/HkWF9h9yjB

— Vince Langman (@LangmanVince) January 9, 2022

Took this video in the beginning of the week in Wisconsin Dells at a Walmart. #BareShelvesBiden pic.twitter.com/FELySzIbGj

— 🇺🇸Save Our Republic 🇺🇸 (@WeThePeople021) January 9, 2022

Supporters of Biden shot back at the campaign, posting their own photos of fully stocked shelves in local supermarkets and arguing that similar shortages took place under former President Donald Trump.

Liberal commentator Caroline Orr Bueno even went so far as to suggest that the hashtag was organized by robots and called on Twitter to “look into” how it was able to trend.

IDK about those taker states, but today at Trader Joe’s it was full stocked and packed with shoppers: #BareShelvesBiden my ass. pic.twitter.com/pTdov9vME2

— Bleepster 🇺🇸 🏳️‍🌈 🚀 (@Bleepster_Prime) January 10, 2022

Jack Posobiec, CatTurd, Ryan Saavedra, James Lindsey, and a few others are behind the #BareShelvesBiden hashtag.

This is in no way organic and I hope @Twitter will look into the use of prohibited third-party tools here. pic.twitter.com/hZx5DTx21M

— Caroline Orr Bueno, Ph.D (@RVAwonk) January 10, 2022

The US has been plagued with supply chain issues, a rise in fuel prices, and heavy inflation since Biden’s inauguration in January 2021.

Last week, Biden suggested he only became aware that the price of meat in the US had risen so much after a family friend complained that it now costs “over $5 for a pound of hamburger meat.”

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