Clashes break out as pro-Trump ‘caravan’ of cars wheels into Portland (VIDEOS)

Scuffles have erupted in the streets of Portland, Oregon after a stream of cars entered the city as part of the pro-Trump caravan, drawing ire of the counter-protesters struggling to block the procession.

Several hundred vehicles rolled into the Portland streets on Saturday evening, many displaying Trump/Pence 2020 flags. The noisy procession launched from Clackamas, a suburb of Portland, that hosted a pro-Trump rally earlier in the day, and reached the city by 6 p.m., The Oregonian reports.

As the avandguard of the caravan entered Portland, it was met by Black Lives Matter protesters, lining up the sidewalks. Videos have emerged showing activists throwing projectiles at cars and burning Trump campaign banners, with pro-Trump demonstraotrs responding by macing them with pepper spray and firing paintball guns.

In one incident, protesters flooded the intersection in an attempt to prevent the caravan from taking a loop around downtown. The drivers, however, broke through the lines after dousing activists in pepper spray and forcing them to scatter.

One counter-protester attempted to block the process by stopping in the middle of the road and turning on emergency lights. The female driver reportedly played “F*ck Donald Trump” telling the media that she was obstructing the caravan’s passage because Portland, which has been beset by violence for over 90 nights, “supposed to be a progressive city.”

Other footage shows left-wing demonstrators and Trump supporters exchanging punches in the streets.

There have been reports of arrests.