Mrs. Nevada pageant interrupted MIDWAY after officials swoop on venue citing coronavirus guidelines violation (VIDEO)

Police and officials showed up at a Mrs. Nevada beauty contest on Sunday, though it was not their appreciation for beauty that drove them there, but rather an order to shut down the event due to there being more than 50 people.

The contest was held at the Ahern Hotel’s convention center Sunday evening. The event featured local beauties, their families and friends and other spectators seated in the ballroom.

The pageant was apparently already underway when members of the Las Vegas Department of Business Licensing arrived, accompanied by police. When a voice via a loudspeaker notified attendees of the officials’ presence, the unsuspecting audience erupted in applause, which was short-lived, however, after the goal of the surprise visit was announced.

Officials said that the event could not go on in that form since it was in violation of the Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak’s coronavirus guidelines that prohibits gatherings of more than 50 people, according to the event organizers.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that at the time about 200 people were in attendance. To salvage the pageant in progress, the organizer asked all guests that were not participants or directly involved with the organization to leave.

Though the decision was met with ‘boos’ from the crowd, after the spectators complied with the order, the event resumed behind closed doors, with Ashley Tesoro emerging as the winner.

While the city said that they “attempted to notify the Ahern Hotel that the pageant would violate the governor’s directives” earlier in the week, and claimed that their “licensing officer was escorted off [the] property by hotel security,” some of those involved with pageant organizers argued that the raid was a bitter revenge for the hotel previously hosting an ‘Evangelicals for Trump’ event.

“This is punishment for hosting the Evangelicals for Trump event because last night’s slap on the wrist made no sense,” Amy Tarkanian, a judge at the pageant, fumed.

Kari Deike, a tabulator at the event, echoed Tarkanian, telling News 3 that contestants were “just unfortunate victims” of the governor’s “direct retaliation” for the prior Trump rally. 

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