Nikki Haley hit with avalanche of Twitter mockery and vitriol for daring to complain about tardy popcorn deliveries

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley might have thought she was taking a break from her usual opining on political issues to tweet about a personal concern – two birthday orders for popcorn that weren’t delivered on time.

Little did Haley know that, in a US political discourse that can never seem to get its fill of strife, even popcorn is a fighting word. As an ally of President Donald Trump, the former US ambassador to the United Nations was apparently deemed fair game for attack.

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So, what was the fuss about? “OK Popcorn Factory, two messed-up birthday orders missed delivery dates with no explanation,” Haley posted to Twitter on Monday. “First time I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Second one tells me not to buy from you again.” She tagged the message #DisappointedNephew.

In response, Twitter users dropped F-bombs, called Haley a Nazi and noted that “Americans are dying.” Others were at least successful in politicizing the issue, arguing that the deliveries were probably late because Trump is “sabotaging” the US Postal Service. Haley didn’t mention whether she requested FedEx or USPS shipping, both of which are used by the Popcorn Factory.

One Twitter poster criticized Haley for trying to shame a company and said: “So sorry for your First World issues. By the way, $30, $50 or even $100 on popcorn is a crappy gift for your nephew.”

Other tweeters managed to mock Haley with a sense of humor. “Every morning I check out the #DisappointedNephew hashtag to catch up on the latest shattered boys, and today did not disappoint,” quipped writer and comedian Daniel Kibblesmith.

Adam Blickstein, who worked in public affairs at the US Department of Defense under former President Barack Obama, said: “Nikki Haley, tougher on Popcorn Factory than she was on North Korea or Russia.”

Haley even inspired some entrepreneurship, as online T-shirt seller The Pirate Print Shop quickly created a special top based on her complaint. Under the account name ‘Nikki Haley’s Joyful Nephew’, the shop owner tweeted: “We are with you Nikki Haley! Fight the good fight! This shirt will cheer you and your nephew up.” 

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