More than 100 people injured in Beirut protests – Lebanese Red Cross

Over 100 people were injured during the protests in Lebanese capital over the massive blast earlier this week, Red Cross said. At least 32 people were taken to hospitals.

Thousands of protesters gathered in Beirut’s center, attempting to reach the Parliament, clashing with police.

Demonstrators threw rocks and projectiles at riot police attempting to disperse the area. 

At one point, the Foreign Ministry of Affairs was breached by protesters where a banner was hung calling for a demilitarized Beirut.

The protesters were spurred by the major explosion this week at a Beirut port where ammonium nitrate was being held. Over 150 people died from the blast and thousands were injured and thousands more left homeless.

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An investigation has been launched into the matter, but protesters have put blame on the government, citing little to no oversight or security measures taken with the highly explosive material.