Covid-19 may make men STERILE, Russia’s Health Ministry warns

Covid-19 infection leads to drastic reduction in the quality of sperm and can make men infertile, the Russian Health Ministry said citing recent data.

“Today, the problems of infertility, especially male infertility, associated with Covid-19 are revealing themselves on a grander scale,” Elena Uvarova, the Russian Health Ministry’s chief gynecologist for children and youths, told journalists at a press conference in Moscow. The data gathered by Russian medics has shown a “38 percent reduction in quality of sperm” in men who recovered from the coronavirus, she said. It was a worrying discovery, as the overall quality of the sperm in Russian men already wasn’t perfect, the doctor added.

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Bring a baby into this perilous post-Covid world? I don’t think so, and I’m not alone

Researchers have been debating the potential impact of Covid-19 on male fertility since the pandemic began in China’s Wuhan in December. Some studies said that the virus affected the male reproductive system, while others discovered no abnormalities. A Chinese-US study in early June warned that the coronavirus could damage testicles without infecting them. It attacked and enlarged sperm-producing cells to the extent that production of semen was affected.

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Say uwu? US Army esports division causes cringe with online babytalk as people are baffled by its existence

A cringe-worthy exchange on Twitter between the US Army esports team and the chat platform Discord has awakened many gamers to the Pentagon’s presence in videogames and the lengths to which the soldiers will go to fit in.

In the early hours of Tuesday, whoever runs the Army Esports (USAE) Twitter asked their counterpart at Discord for a stuffed toy (!) of the platform’s mascot. When Discord responded they’d check with “merch store boss lady,” the Army responded with “Uwu” and heart emojis.

The baby-talk expression for “being overwhelmed with cuteness” did not sit quite well with much of Twitter, to put it mildly.

In addition to the cringe-inducing lingo, many users were appalled that the Army had an esports team to begin with. One used the same kind of mocking baby-talk to mock it as a “drone pilot training program in disguise.”

Others called for de-funding it, echoing the current Black Lives Matter campaign to abolish the police. 

Another popular reaction was, “We truly live in hell.” 

There were some who wondered why the Army was spending money on an esports league, because that’s the “wrong Korea” – referring to the fact that esports are big in South Korea, and not so much north of the 38th parallel.

The Army’s esports team has actually been around for almost two years. Their Twitter account was set up in October 2018, and the official announcement was made in November. Its stated purpose is not to train drone operators or simulate warfare, but domestic public relations.

“They will be in a support role to help young people see soldiers in a different light and understand the many different roles people can have in the Army and help the Army address the growing disconnect with society,” Army Recruiting Command spokeswoman Kelli Bland said at the time, adding that the team would be part of the Marketing and Engagement team based in in Kentucky.

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© Reuters / Benoit Tessier
From Call of Duty to active duty: US Army to use eSports to attract more recruits

A glance at their Twitter feed shows them active not just in games one would typically associate with the military – such as Call of Duty or Rainbow Six – but also Valorant, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft, for example. 

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Kellyanne Conway’s 15-year-old daughter embraced by #Resistance as ‘outspoken leftist’ shows they’re running out of ideas

Liberals are gushing over Claudia Conway, the 15-year-old daughter of White House counselor Kellyanne, for her “outspoken leftist” TikTok. She joins fellow anti-Trumpers Mitt Romney and John Bolton in the #Resistance pantheon.

New York Times writer Taylor Lorenz posted a few of Conway’s TikTok videos on Twitter on Monday, including a reference to the “save Barron” meme – a liberal fantasy involving “rescuing” President Donald Trump’s 14-year-old son from the White House. Referring to the 15-year-old as an “outspoken leftist TikToker,” Lorenz raved that the teen was “encouraging people to leave 1 star reviews on all of Trump’s restaurants, hotels, and golf courses.”

Lorenz’s followers trumpeted the young Conway as a sign of hope for Generation Z, calling her “smart and sassy,” “adorable + precocious” and “brilliant.” They hailed the young woman for making a break with her parents’ politics (even though her father George Conway’s own outspoken loathing for Trump is somewhat legendary), and predicted big things for her future.

The #Resistance isn’t exactly picky with its heroes, especially after four years of increasingly hysterical screeching failed to dislodge the Bad Orange Man from the White House. They feted former National Security Advisor John Bolton for his Trump-sliming tell-all book, despite regularly criticizing the staunch war hawk in the past. They erupted in applause when former vice president and fellow warmonger Dick Cheney’s daughter Lynne posted an image of her dad’s masked face on social media captioned with a dig at Trump (“real men wear masks”).

Even former President George W. Bush, who led the country into the disastrous War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq from which it still not has emerged, trillions of dollars and thousands of deaths later (to say nothing of the millions slaughtered in the Middle East), was hailed by liberals for making a statement in support of the Black Lives Matter movement – never mind that Bush’s catastrophic response to Hurricane Katrina once led rapper Kanye West to opine “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Utah Senator Mitt Romney went one step further, actually joining a BLM march in Washington, DC (and taking that all-important protest selfie, which garnered heaps of “likes”).

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PHONY liberal media turns Republican Romney into HERO for sticking it to Trump (just like it did McCain & Bush)

So it’s not all that surprising they’d be robbing the cradle in their quest for new faces to idolize. But there’s something rather unseemly about strangers on the internet swarming a 15-year-old girl, even if she has famous parents and the comments are positive. If Lorenz was a middle-aged man posting videos of 15-year-old Conway twerking, would the #Resistance still be cheering her on?

Not everyone did respond positively to the Times writer showing off her underage pal, of course. Several slammed the writer for “exposing” Conway to the ugly world of political Twitter, reminding her that families were once considered off limits. “Can we please leave all the kids out of this???” one commenter pleaded – presumably referring to Conway and the younger Trump she wanted to “save.

Any other 15 year olds you’d like to throw to the wolves today?snarked another. 

But Lorenz countered that Conway wanted followers and views – and heaven forbid an American adult should say “no” to a child.

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Black Lives Matter rioter shoots at driver in Utah, then CONTINUES to protest ( VIDEOS)

A Black Lives Matter rally turned violent in the city of Provo, Utah, when a protester fired in the window of a vehicle at point-blank range. The injured driver floored the gas and escaped, as the gunman fired at him again.

Footage captured on Monday night shows the driver of an SUV approaching a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters, who swarm the vehicle as the driver attempts to make a right turn at an intersection. After a gunshot rings out, the driver pushes through the crowd and escapes along University Avenue at full speed.

According to Provo Police, the driver was shot through the passenger side window. As he fled, the cops said another bullet was fired, smashing the rear passenger window.  Zoomed in and slowed down, video footage clearly shows a masked gunman aiming his weapon at the driver and opening fire.

Police say that the suspect then concealed his handgun and returned to the demonstration. Later on Monday night, he was reportedly seen smashing the window of another vehicle with his gun. As of Tuesday afternoon, police were still working to track him down.

The driver is just the latest victim of a protest movement that has become marred by violence and thuggery. Two black teenagers were shot, one fatally, in Seattle earlier on Monday. The pair were shot by armed Black Lives Matter protesters inside the so-called Capitol Hill Organized Protest, a six-block tract of the city occupied by protesters and blockaded for nearly a month.

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Drone footage of an alleged attack on a vehicle shared by Tempe Police on June 29, 2020 © YouTube / Tempe Police
New police tactics see Arizona cops using DRONES in BLM protester arrests

In Kentucky a day earlier, a protester was arrested for shooting a photographer dead in Louisville’s Jefferson Square Park. Both suspect and victim were apparently supporters of the Black Lives Matter protests, and both had attended several rallies in the park before the fatal incident.

Altogether, at least 25 people have died during the recent wave of protests, which kicked off following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin late last month.

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Fired Ukrainian deputy minister puts on bikini & announces own party to fight ‘male political prostitutes’ in power (VIDEO)

Ukraine’s former deputy infrastructure minister, Aleksandra Klitina, has bounced back from her scandalous firing last year, saying she is going to return to politics to fight corrupt men, but her looks overshadowed her message.

The 37-year-old former official announced the creation of her own party, called ‘Ukraine against corruption’ in a video posted on YouTube.

In the clip, which was filmed outdoors, Klitina appeared sporting what looks like a bikini or a rather revealing dress and delivered a strong-worded address, bashing the men now ruling Ukraine.

“I decided to fight for truth myself because those pants-wearing idiots are hopeless,” she proclaimed, promising that her party will “finally deal with those male political prostitutes.”

They think that if they have something in their pants, it’s enough for them to be successful and be eligible to abuse women. But women are a hundred times smarter and a hundred times more honest than you.

But online commenters were more interested in her looks than political message, confessing that they couldn’t understand a word she was saying due to being fully consumed by the image on screen.

The woman also addressed her firing from the post of deputy infrastructure minister in November last year, insisting that her boss Vladislav Krikliy moved against her only because she was preventing thievery in the ministry.

Her sacking was preceded by two online leaks, which made headlines in the Ukrainian media. First, the MPs for the ruling party of President Volodymyr Zelensky were taped saying that Klitina got to her high position through the bedroom. Then she became the victim of a prankster who she told that her boss was corrupt and that she would make a much better infrastructure minister than him.

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Erotic dance by Ukrainian border guards becomes internet sensation (VIDEO)

The new party apparently doesn’t have too many members at the moment. At least, there was nobody to film and edit her address as the clip starts with the woman switching on the camera on her phone and ends with it being switched off.

Wide-spread corruption has been a major stumbling block in Ukraine’s development in recent decades. Every president, including Zelensky, vowed to eradicate it, but so far haven’t achieved any significant results.

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Terry Crews slammed for preaching unity for all races and saying BLM should not turn into ‘black lives better’

Actor Terry Crews has faced fury for pleading with the Black Lives Matter movement “not to morph into black lives better.” Twitter quickly found the post, literally urging love “for every race, creed and ideology,” problematic.

The star of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ tweeted on Tuesday that he considers every “child of God” his “brother and sister,” regardless of their race, religion or ideology. “We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn’t morph into #blacklivesbetter,” the African-American star added.

Crews’ call for BLM activists not to weigh black people’s wellbeing over everybody else’s gathered very mixed responses on social media.

It certainly did not sit well with the woke and pro-protester brigade, who saw it as a frivolous rejection of the existing racial “gaps in income, education and technology.” Crews was even chided for “living in an imaginary world where no one sees color.”

Some even took the view that Crews is now ‘culturally white’ for having posted the tweet.

Others, meanwhile, welcomed the actor for actually “stating what should be common sense.”

It’s unclear what specifically prompted Crews’ tweet and whether he was referring to any particular actions by the BLM movement. The widespread anti-racism protests have resulted in many monuments being defaced or illegally torn down, as well as amplifying calls to defund the police, and leading to a spate of commentators being deplatformed for not being politically correct.

The BLM tweet is not the first time Crews has sparked a furore online. Last year, the actor was accused of homophobia after tweeting that children without “maternal AND paternal love” were “severely malnourished.”

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Terry Crews and his family.
Single-parent kids aren’t ‘malnourished’ but if we don’t need both mum and dad, why have families?

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New police tactics see Arizona cops using DRONES in BLM protester arrests

Three protesters have been arrested by the Tempe Police Department after footage filmed by a drone was used as evidence of their crime, signaling a new frontier in how the world is policed.

The activists took to the streets to organize a ‘chalk walk’, which involves writing on the pavement and road in chalk, in a show of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The arrests were made after an altercation occurred between the protesters and a passing gray pickup truck. Police say that two of the three protesters damaged the vehicle as it tried to pass, while the other was arrested for preventing the police from making the initial arrests.

Angry protesters demanded that the police department provide proof of the charges, so on Monday, Tempe police posted a drone video onto YouTube showing the events of the day.

The Tempe Police Department said that “two of the protesters (a male and a female) began physically striking and throwing items at the victim’s vehicle, causing noticeable damage.”

However, protesters say the truck was the culprit, and that it was attempting to run them down. 

This rather small incident reflects changes that are occurring in how states surveil and police their populations. 

Earlier this month, a Philadelphia woman wanted for damages during a BLM protest was tracked down and caught by the FBI after they followed her digital footprints across LinkedIn, Etsy and social media. 

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An Atlanta Police car burns as people protest against the death of George Floyd. May 29, 2020 © Reuters / Dustin Chambers
FBI arrests BLM protester after tracking her across LinkedIn, Etsy and social media

The culprit’s lawyer at the time told local news outlet the Philadelphia Inquirer that his client’s arrest signaled that social media has “become a fertile ground for government surveillance.”

However, though new technologies bring new solutions and problems, it is unclear how much help Big Tech will lend to the police in the future. 

In response to the BLM protests earlier this month, major tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Amazon have stopped letting police departments use their facial recognition technologies.

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It’s okay to hate whites? New Reddit hate speech policy apparently embraces discrimination

In its recent blitz on ‘hateful content’, Reddit has dropped any pretence of fairness. The site now condones hatred and calls to violence, as long as they’re directed at the right “majority.”

Reddit is among the world’s most popular websites and home to more than a million communities, or ‘subreddits’. As of Monday, 2,000 of these have been banned for “promoting hate.” Among them are r/The_Donald, a popular community of Trump supporters, and r/ChapoTrapHouse, an offshoot of the leftist podcast by the same name.

Along with the bans came an overhaul of the site’s content policy. “Everyone has a right to use Reddit free of harassment, bullying, and threats of violence,” the policy reads. “Communities and people that incite violence or that promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned.”

But whose identities are the most vulnerable? Reddit’s policy dictates that minorities in terms of “actual and perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or disability” will all be considered vulnerable, as will “victims of a major violent event and their families.” This last section likely lays the foundations to boot future rabble rousers like Infowars’ Alex Jones, who was kicked from multiple platforms two years ago for maligning the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre.

In all of these intersectional fault lines listed above, the majority will not be afforded the same protections. “The rule does not protect groups of people who are in the majority,” the policy explicitly states.

“Majority” here presumably means ‘white’ and ‘male,’ two immutable characteristics blamed for all of America’s ills in recent weeks. 

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A Seattle Police officer trying to secure a crime scene after a fatal shooting in the CHOP/CHAZ zone, June 29, 2020.
If Seattle really thought Black Lives Matter, it would shut down CHOP chaos

Non-Hispanic white people make up 60 percent of the US population, so based on the scant guidelines provided by Reddit, hateful content directed at them will be deemed completely acceptable. However, less than half of Reddit’s users are American, and when the entire world is taken into account, its largest ethnic group is Han Chinese. Anti-Chinese racism should, therefore, be allowed, if Reddit considers this when it enforces its rules. 

Similarly, while women are a slight minority worldwide, they are a 50.8 percent majority in the US. Reddit should therefore apply a zero tolerance policy on sexism to its global users, but allow Americans to unload any amount of hatred and vitriol on the fairer sex.

It’s tempting to imagine the content moderators at Reddit’s San Francisco headquarters tying themselves in knots as they attempt to enforce the new policies to the letter, thumbing through demographic spreadsheets as they try to define minority and majority, victim and aggressor. It’s also extremely unlikely that they’ll do this.

Indeed, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman wrote a letter to his employees earlier this month, explaining that the anti-racism initiatives undertaken by the company were done in light of George Floyd’s death, and explicitly to fight anti-black racism. Moreover, Black Lives Matter has been incredibly successful in framing the US’ racial divide as the result of the latent ‘white supremacy’ of the caucasian race; so too have the authors currently topping the New York Times’ bestsellers list, not to mention the newspaper itself, whose writers were awarded a Pulitzer Prize this year for a project reframing the entirety of US history as a tale of the white man’s racism.

Amid this climate, anti-white racism will in all probability be overlooked by Team Reddit, in their rush to appease BLM.

Yet, isn’t framing all racism and hate in the black-and-white context of modern America an inherently colonialist attitude? Doesn’t Huffman’s globalizing of a uniquely American problem speak to a certain supremacism? Isn’t it an act of cultural hegemony to project the US experience onto, say, a redditor in India (where the site is more popular than it is in much of Europe)? 

These are the kind of hypothetical questions that could be endlessly debated on Reddit, if only there were still communities on which to do so.

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‘Where did the time go?’ Boxing legend Mike Tyson marks 54th birthday by sharing photo from his prime as he prepares for comeback

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has fueled excitement for his much-anticipated ring comeback with a melancholic post on his birthday, with fellow sports stars and celebrities saluting the boxing icon on his Instagram page.

Tyson was in reflective mood on his 54th birthday, posting a retro photo of himself smiling into the camera in a sleeveless green vest, baring gold teeth and rippling muscles with a tattoo of his name on his right arm.

The throwback picture provided a tantalizing reminder of Tyson’s prime before he lost his WBA heavyweight title to Evander Holyfield in 1996, reigning as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world between 1987 and 1990 and becoming the first heavyweight boxer to simultaneously hold the WBA, WBC, and IBF titles.

“54 today,” the returning veteran wrote, following up his initial post with a clip of friend and actor Anthony Anderson hitting a heavy bag by an outdoor swimming pool while wishing him happy birthday. “Where did the time go?”

Tyson evidently feels he has no time to lose as he continues to plot his return to boxing, which he has been training for after an absence of more than 15 years from the professional ranks.

Still one of the most high-profile names in the sport, he has been linked with another fight against Holyfield, received a $20 million offer to compete in bare knuckle fighting and reportedly asked for around $610 million to fight current heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

While some fighters and commentators have warned that his comeback is unwise – Tyson was knocked out by journeyman Danny Williams and retired against Kevin McBride when he made two previous attempts to return after long layoffs – others have been excited by footage he has shared of himself looking sharp and determined in training.

Lightweight title holder Ryan Garcia told Tyson he was “too swaggy” and Latino heavyweight champion Tyrone Spong wished him “blessings”, while his new trainer, Rafael Cordeiro, said: “All the best, brother.”

One of Tyson’s sons, actor and businessman Amir, added: “Happy birthday, dad.”

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Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury. © Reuters
‘It was CRAZY’: Tyson Fury claims Mike Tyson was asking for $500 MILLION for exhibition fight

‘Russian bounty’ story shifts: New York Times now claims Afghan CRIMINALS & not Taliban were paid, cites anonymous sources again

The New York Times is doubling down on claims that Russia offered bounties for the killing of US troops in Afghanistan, but now says local criminals and not the Taliban were the recipients, again offering no actual evidence.

The new article, published Tuesday, says that “electronic data showing large financial transfers from a bank account controlled by Russia’s military intelligence agency to a Taliban-linked account” was intercepted by US spies and “bolsters suspicions” that Russia offered bounties to militants – as claimed by the Times last week.

Once again, the Times quotes anonymous sources – “three officials familiar with the intelligence” – so the claim is impossible to verify. No evidence of the alleged electronic transfer is provided, only a third-hand hearsay that “analysts concluded from other intelligence that the transfers were most likely part of a bounty program.”

The article eventually gets around to quoting several local officials from Afghanistan, who say that several people who transfer money through an Islamic banking system are suspected of being part of a ring of middlemen” between Russia and “Taliban-linked militants.”

The ‘hawala’ banking system does not actually use electronic transfers. Moreover, the article says the Afghan security forces found “a half-million dollars” – presumably in cash – in one Kabul home about six months ago. Safiullah Amiry, described as “the deputy provincial council chief” in Kunduz, “said the Afghan intelligence agency had told him the raids were related to Russian money being dispersed [sic] to militants.”

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A poster of current Russian President Vladimir Putin depicted as a secret agent in Moscow (July 13, 2011 file photo)
There they go again: NYT serves up spy fantasy about Russian ‘bounties’ on US troops in Afghanistan

In the original article, the Times claimed President Donald Trump had been briefed on this alleged plot sometime in March. The White House, the CIA and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence have since denied this. 

So the narrative has now shifted, with the Times citing “two officials” who say the information was included in Trump’s written presidential daily brief (PDB) “in late February,” accompanied by the – likewise unverified – claim that Trump typically doesn’t read those. The article also claims the CIA mentioned the intelligence in its World Intelligence Review newsletter, also known as The Wire, dated May 4. 

The identity of the suspected recipients of the “Russian bounties” has shifted as well, from the Taliban to “criminals closely associated with the Taliban” – according to yet another anonymous US official.

Most mainstream US media outlets and the Democrats have taken the original New York Times reporting at face value, denouncing Trump as “Putin’s puppet” and a traitor for allegedly not doing anything to “punish Russia” based on the purported intelligence assessments, rather than demanding to see evidence there was anything to it.

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