‘Unconfiscatable property’: Former Wall Street trader explains to Keiser Report why bitcoin is SUPERIOR to gold

Digital currency bitcoin’s quality of being ‘unconfiscatable’ is a very important attribute, particularly in countries like Argentina and others where the cryptocurrency’s adoption is skyrocketing at the moment.

That’s according to RT’s Keiser Report which is joined by Tone Vays of unconfiscatable.com. He is “optimistic about the future of bitcoin when people finally realize how important it is for the global financial system.”

The derivatives trader, who has worked on Wall Street for almost 10 years, agrees with Max Keiser that bitcoin is vastly superior to gold. “This is the kind of thing that [means] you just can’t stop people using bitcoin,” he says, adding: “this ‘unconfiscatable’ property [of bitcoin] is very critical while gold can’t do it anymore.”

He explains that gold is “heavy, hard to transport, hard to transact, and the metal detectors have made gold confiscatable for last 100 years and it’s about time we have bitcoin.”

Tone says a big pullback is still on the cards before prices can move to a new all-time high. “We’ll get there, I’m not concerned,” he says.

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