‘Turbulent’ situation in Middle East is result of US ‘corruptive presence’ – Iran’s supreme leader

The tense situation in the Middle East requires close cooperation between all nations in the region, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said during his meeting with the emir of Qatar, adding that the region should be free from foreign influence.

“The region’s unfavorable situation is due to the corruptive presence of the United States and its cohorts; and the only solution for countering that is to rely on cooperation among the countries of the region.”

The head of the Islamic Republic added that his nation is willing to develop both economic and political relations with other regional powers. Without explicitly mentioning the US, he also warned that “those who have come to our region from the other side of the planet” could oppose closer cooperation between the Middle Eastern states. “The countries and nations of the region will no longer tolerate such intervention and domination,” he added.