Protests, vigils at Iran universities after Tehran admits Ukrainian plane shot down

Videos from Tehran show crowds holding vigils and protests at universities after Iran admitted shooting down a Ukrainian plane with 176 on board. Many of the passengers were Iranian students.

People were lighting canals, bringing flowers to several universities in Tehran.

One banner among the crowd read: “What is the costs of the war with the world? what is the cost of lying? #condolence to Iran.” 

Hundreds of people can be seen outside the University of Amirkabir taking to the streets and chanting “there should be a trial. Resignations are not enough” and “constitution, referendum.”

Vigils and demonstrations were also held at Tehran and Sharif universities The plane that was shot down carried multiple students from the university.

The General Staff of Iranian Armed Forces admitted that the plane in question was shot down on Wednesday due to human error during the day when Tehran was responding to US killing Major General Qassem Soleimani.

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