Moonwalk on ice: Young San Jose Sharks player produces Michael Jackson-inspired celebration during shootout (VIDEO)

A pair of aspiring young hockey players both scored and celebrated goals during a mid-game shootout at a San Jose Sharks’ NHL game this week, but their two celebrations produced two very different results.

During the intermission shootout at the San Jose vs New York Islanders clash, two teams of youngsters representing the two NHL franchises skated out onto the ice for a crowd-pleasing shootout.

And the Sharks’ number 44 decided that this was his moment to shine as he produced a brilliant spin move before shooting the puck through the legs of the Islanders’ young goaltender.

But, not content with his eye-catching finish, number 44 then skated off in celebration, as he put his hand to his helmet and moonwalked backwards across the ice.

Clearly, his celebration inspired his teammate, as the Sharks’ number 47 stepped up and scored a less flamboyant finish before attempting a celebration of his own. 

But his one-legged, arm-waving, fist-pumping celebration didn’t have the same grace as his moonwalking teammate as his standing leg slipped out from under him, sending him crashing down onto the ice in a sitting position.

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