WATCH ballet dancers jump so hard they cause STAGE COLLAPSE at show in Brazil, injuring 6

Firefighters were called to a theater in Brazil to rescue a group of ballet dancers who made a big hole in the stage and fell into it during a whimsical performance.

The incident took place in the town of Americana in the state of Sao Paulo on Friday. A group of 130 ballet dancers, including small children, in colorful costumes flocked onto a small stage towards the end of the performance.

Showered with applause from the audience, several dancers began enthusiastically jumping and hugging each other. This proved to be too much for the stage, which suddenly collapsed, causing 22 people to fall through the floor.

They had to be rescued by firefighters, and six people were hospitalized with injuries.

The theater’s administrator, Luciano Luize, said the stage was clearly not designed for so many dancers to hop on it at the same time.

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