Moonwalk on ice: Young San Jose Sharks player produces Michael Jackson-inspired celebration during shootout (VIDEO)

A pair of aspiring young hockey players both scored and celebrated goals during a mid-game shootout at a San Jose Sharks’ NHL game this week, but their two celebrations produced two very different results.

During the intermission shootout at the San Jose vs New York Islanders clash, two teams of youngsters representing the two NHL franchises skated out onto the ice for a crowd-pleasing shootout.

And the Sharks’ number 44 decided that this was his moment to shine as he produced a brilliant spin move before shooting the puck through the legs of the Islanders’ young goaltender.

But, not content with his eye-catching finish, number 44 then skated off in celebration, as he put his hand to his helmet and moonwalked backwards across the ice.

Clearly, his celebration inspired his teammate, as the Sharks’ number 47 stepped up and scored a less flamboyant finish before attempting a celebration of his own. 

But his one-legged, arm-waving, fist-pumping celebration didn’t have the same grace as his moonwalking teammate as his standing leg slipped out from under him, sending him crashing down onto the ice in a sitting position.

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‘Bring it on’: Musk accepts Ford’s truck tug-of-war challenge while Neil DeGrasse Tyson cries foul

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known for both his eccentricities and bold claims, particularly when it comes to his electric vehicles. His latest claims about his new Cybertruck, however, have led to at least two major public call-outs.

While unveiling Tesla’s latest major product, Musk took repeated shots at Ford’s F-150 pick up truck, most notably showing his new Cybertruck beating its rival in an uphill tug-of-war. 

Renowned astrophysicist and public figure Neil DeGrasse Tyson apparently took exception to the demonstration.

“A badass Tesla looking like it’s doing a badass thing,” he tweeted. “But if the Ford F-150 is RWD **with no payload** then weight on the Rear Axle is greatly reduced, offering only mild traction for the Tesla to overcome. This contest is more about the Physics of Friction than Engine Power.”

DeGrasse Tyson added that electric vehicles are notoriously heavy over both axles, meaning the weight is more evenly distributed over all spinning tires, affording it greater traction than a rear-wheel drive F-150. Musk fired back saying that if both trucks were fully loaded, the electric would still win. 

After a brief back and forth, DeGrasse Tyson challenged Musk to fully load the F-150, with traction highest in its rear wheels, and then replicate the feat, to which Musk responded: “Agreed, this will be exciting to see!” before saying he would “aim to do this next week.” 

Not one to waste a good marketing opportunity, one of Ford’s top executives Sunny Madra chimed in. 

“Hey @elonmusk send us a Cybertruck and we will do the apples to apples test for you,” challenged Madra, vice president of Ford X.

“Bring it on,” Musk responded. 

A date for the showdown has yet to be officially confirmed, but truck enthusiasts and memelords alike cannot wait to see whether Musk’s latest venture can indeed walk the walk. 

Previously, Ford showcased its own electric F-150 prototype with the rather bold claim that it towed 1 million pounds of train cars a distance of 1,000 feet (304 meters).  

However, this feat was not as impressive as it first seemed as railroads use steel wheels on steel tracks, thus creating an extremely low coefficient of rolling resistance, meaning that in order to “pull the 1.25 million-pound train” the electric F-150 only needed to generate about 1,875 pounds (850kg) of force. 

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Assange treated as terrorist by UK, it’s ‘almost murder by state’, doctors warn WikiLeaks founder may die in jail

The treatment of Julian Assange by UK authorities puts his life at risk, essentially denying him a right to a fair trial, which is shameful for all those involved, doctors who signed a letter in the journalist’s support told RT.

Assange, the founder of anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks is being held in a top security prison in the UK and may be extradited to the US to face trial on espionage charges. The only crime he has been convicted of is skipping bail, but the treatment he is receiving from Britain is usually reserved for highly dangerous violent criminals.

“He is isolated for 23 hours a day. I think this is what treatment of terrorists [looks like],” said Australian doctor Margaret Beavis.

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Dr. Beavis is one of over 60 medics, who signed an open letter in support of Assange, demanding that he is offered proper healthcare and warning that his life may be currently in danger. The man is apparently suffering from severe depression, a condition that seriously affects a person’s mental capacities, she told RT.

I have to say as an Australian I am very disappointed that our government has failed to provide good care for him in terms of advocating for him as an Australian citizen.

British physician Marco Chiesa, another signatory of the letter, said if Assange does die in jail due to a lack of medical treatment, it would be “almost a murder by the state.”

“If the same situation happened in a different country, let’s say Cuba, there would have been a very different position held by the British government and the mainstream media,” he said.

But Dr. Chiesa is not expecting London to change its mistreatment of Assange despite public pressure and thinks he will likely be forced to stand before the court in February as scheduled regardless of his physical and mental state.

Assange is facing extradition to the US, where he would face espionage charges carrying a prison sentence of up to 175 years. His supporters say he is being persecuted by Washington and its allies for publishing material exposing their wrongdoings.

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Anti-LGBT protests outside Birmingham school PERMANENTLY banned by High Court

The High Court has permanently banned activists from protesting against LGBT equality lessons being taught in a school in Birmingham, England.

Birmingham council won their case on Tuesday, after taking out an injunction against the protesters in the summer who were demonstrating outside Anderton Park school, Sparkhill. The school has witnessed months of protests outside the front gates, instigated by anti-LGBT campaigners and parents unhappy with the equality lessons being taught to children.

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Justice Warby QC, issuing the permanent injunction at the High Court in Birmingham, said the protests had “a very significant adverse impact on the pupils, teachers and local residents.”

He cited claims made by speakers at protests, such as the school had a “pedophile agenda” and that staff were “teaching children how to masturbate.” The judge remarked that “none of this is true.”

In response to the ruling, the UK Department for Education released a statement, welcoming the decision of the court and insisted that they had long been of the view that they wanted to “end these protests and encourage positive dialogue.”

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China boosts rare earth output to record highs to ensure dominance in trade war with US

The world’s top producer of rare earths – China – has raised its annual mining quota to a record high of 132 thousand tons, the Global Times reported citing statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Rare earth metals are used in many devices that people use every day, such as computers, DVDs, rechargeable batteries, cell phones, catalytic converters, magnets, and fluorescent lighting.

Chinese data shows a 10 percent increase in rare earth production compared to last year’s level.

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China controls at least 85 percent of the world’s rare-earth processing capacity. For a long time, the US relied on China for about 80 percent of its rare earths. The escalating trade conflict between the nations has raised concerns about the measures each side could use in their fight, including Beijing’s option to restrict exports of rare earths. The measure is considered one of Beijing’s nuclear options in its battle with Washington.

Media outlets have been reporting that the Trump administration which seeks to end dependence on China for rare earth supplies has been looking to other countries to diversify the supply chain.Washington held talks with some rare-earth mines in Africa. Last week, the US and Australia agreed to support projects on developing critical minerals and rare earths outside China.

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Trump has also invoked the Defense Production Act in July, which encourages the domestic production of rare earth minerals. The United States was a global leader in rare earth production from the 1960s until the mid-1990s.

Rare earths or rare metals are a group of 17 chemical elements with special characteristics. They are actually not rare, despite their name, but they are difficult to find in desirable concentrations and are hard to process, as the ores often contain naturally occurring radioactive materials such as uranium and thorium.

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Messi to receive SIXTH Ballon d’Or ahead of Ronaldo & van Dijk after being told of decision a week before ceremony – reports

Lionel Messi is set to win a record sixth Ballon d’Or at next week’s ceremony in Paris after Spanish media report that a delegation from France Football magazine traveled to Barcelona to inform him of his impending achievement.

Mundo Deportivo states that Messi will pip perennial rival Cristiano Ronaldo and Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk to the honor amid reports of the Argentine maestro being informed of the results of the three-man shortlist ahead of time. 

The award, which would be his sixth, would stand him alone in world football as the recipient of the most Ballon d’Or awards in history – one ahead of Ronaldo and three ahead of Marco van Basten, Johan Cruyff and Michel Platini. 

Messi, 32, has enjoyed another tremendous year for the Catalan club as he won his 10th La Liga title with Barcelona last season and was once again a central cog in his side’s success, scoring 36 goals and adding a further 13 assists on 36 appearances. 

The Argentine stoked speculation on social media, posting to Instagram a video of him celebrating prior Ballon d’Or wins. 

Cristiano Ronaldo, meanwhile, appears set to finish in the runner-up spot despite winning Serie A in his debut season with Juventus as well as the inaugural Nations League while Liverpool’s totemic center half Van Dijk has been exemplary for Jurgen Klopp’s all-conquering team, winning the UEFA men’s player of the year award.

Kylian Mbappe, the 20-year-old French wonderkid, can expect to be heavily involved in the Ballon d’Or conversation for the next decade or more but recently told Der Spiegel that he would endorse football’s top individual honor once again going to Barcelona’s number ten.

Messi. In individual terms, he was the best this year,” Mbappe said when asked who should win. 

France Football have awarded the Ballon d’Or since 1956 and recently released a 30-man shortlist of contenders which also included Premier League favorites Mo Salah, Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling. 

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Where am I again? British Foreign Sec Raab heckled by locals and mocked online for not knowing his own constituency

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has been jeered by his local residents and ridiculed on social media after appearing to not know where he was for his general election hustings in his own constituency.

Raab, appearing in front of a packed hustings at East Molesey Methodist Church in his constituency of Esher and Walton on Monday night, opened his speech in calamitous style.

“First of all, can I thank West Molesey Methodist Church,” the foreign secretary hesitantly told the audience, before nervously looking over to the chair of the hustings who quickly corrected him: “East Molesey.”

After the embarrassing error, residents dished out loud jeers and shouts of “good start Mr Raab. Well done,” for failing to know where he was…in his own constituency.

It’s not the first time Raab, 45, has been involved in a rather humiliating incident concerning UK geography.

In November 2018, while in his post as Brexit secretary, he was widely ridiculed for saying he “hadn’t quite understood” the importance of the cross-Channel trade which takes place at the English port of Dover. Raab also rather strangely claimed that the UK, as an island nation, is a “peculiar geographic economic entity.”

These bizarre comments have come back to haunt him after this latest incident. Social media has characteristically provided an array of sarcastic jabs at Raab’s expense, including some humorous memes.

“I knew national geography want (sic) his bag, but thought he might know his way around his Constituency,” tweeted one person. While another amusingly tweeted: “It’s near Dover.”

Despite defending a large majority just over 23,000, Rabb is under pressure to hold his seat in a constituency that voted remain in the EU referendum by 58 percent. Ian Taylor, who served as a Conservative MP in Raab’s constituency for 23 years, has come out in support of his Liberal Democrat rival Monica Harding. The British public go to the polls on December 12.

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Alibaba stock skyrockets in Hong Kong trading debut

Shares of Chinese tech titan Alibaba jumped around 8 percent in the first morning of trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, becoming the world’s largest listing of the year so far.

On Tuesday, Alibaba issued 500 million new ordinary shares and an additional 75 million shares for over-allotment option or “greenshoe.” The company set the offering price at HKD$176 (nearly $22.5) per share, but the stock hit HKD$189.50 after the opening bell. Despite falling slightly back later in the day, Alibaba shares closed 6.5 percent higher than the issue price.

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The tech giant’s secondary listing raised more than $11 billion in Hong Kong’s biggest listing since 2010 and is seen as a huge boost for the city amid violent protests which have already plunged the major Asian financial hub into recession.

The share sale is also the world’s largest offering of the year so far, but the much-anticipated initial public offering (IPO) of Saudi oil giant, Saudi Aramco, can eclipse it. The energy major’s IPO at a local stock exchange is scheduled for next month and could raise as much as $20-$40 billion.

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Alibaba currently holds the world’s largest IPO record after it raised $25 billion at the New York Stock Exchange in 2014. The tech firm had initially considered going public at home, but opted for the US listing due toHong Kong’s regulatory rules.

“As a result of the continuous innovation and changes to the Hong Kong capital market, we are able to realize what we regretfully missed out on five years ago. Today, we realized what we said then: ‘When conditions allow, we will come back to Hong Kong,’” Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang said in a statement.

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That missile goes out of your pockets, young men: Russian soldiers fined $0.5 million for hangar mishap

A pair of Russian soldiers, who accidentally fired inside a hangar a 4-meter-long air-launched missile carrying 100 kilos of high explosive, will have to pay almost half a million dollars in damage, a military tribunal ruled.

The ruling passed by a tribunal in Crimea last Sunday falls short from what the Russian Defense Ministry asked for, but still puts a heavy financial burden on two technicians. Both were found guilty of criminal negligence during earlier court hearing June.

The accidental launch happened on an air base in Saki in October 2017. According to Kommersant daily, Nikolay Zverev and Aleksey Chebanov were tasked with checking the state of two Kh-29TD missiles after a training exercise, during which they were carried by a Su-30SM fighter jet.

A Su-30 fighter jet is being prepared for a combat sortie in Syria. ©Sputnik / Dmitry Vinogradov

The projectile is on the larger side of the spectrum, measuring almost four meters and meant to destroy resilient high value targets like bunkers, bridges, or warships. The one that Zverev and Chebanov fired, however, took down the hangar’s gate and a section of the wall, another missile and some of the equipment used for missile testing.

Their mistake was not to follow instructions to check a safety pin that prevents engine launch during testing procedures. Luckily for the two technicians, the missile that was accidentally launched was not armed, so its powerful warhead did not explode. But the kinetic damage still translates into a pretty hefty fine.

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After examining estimates and mitigating circumstances, the tribunal ordered Zverev and Chebanov to pay a total of 31 million rubles ($484,000). Neither service member is believed to be wealthy enough to cover his share out of his own pocket. So unless the ruling is successfully appealed by them, a court will establish a repayment schedule, ordering a part of their salaries to be withheld for decades to come.

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