Yana Kuznetsova: Meet the Russian fitness model who clinched prestigious bikini prize at Arnold Classic Europe (PHOTOS)

Russian fitness model Yana Kuznetsova won the 2019 Arnold Classic Europe event in the bikini fitness category, claiming the prestigious trophy for the second consecutive year.

The Arnold Classic Europe Pro is a renowned bodybuilding competition which was affiliated with the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Elite Pro division, bringing together top-class athletes from all corners of the world.

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Kuznetsova, who has taken part in professional bodybuilding events since 2016, was unrivalled in the fitness bikini category, captivating the judges despite the large line-up of contestants.

Kuznetsova’s route to professional bodybuilding came via somewhat unconventional channels. Unlike most people, she headed to the gym to actually try and gain weight following unsuccessful attempts to put on at least 1kg.

Kuznetsova achieved a crucial breakthrough in 2016, making her way from an unknown athlete to becoming a widely-recognizable fitness model.

She won the Alex Fitness Bikini Stars 2016 award and added the national title the same year, establishing herself as the world leader in bikini fitness division.

Since then, the model has continued to collect trophies at various international bodybuilding events, where she performs under the nickname Yana Smith.

The model dedicates all her victories to her son, who was born in 2009.
Kuznestova tried to stay in shape even when she was pregnant, doing light spine and arms workouts.