Navy lied about fuel-laced water on US aircraft carrier – media

A whistleblower has alleged that crew members of the USS Nimitz were led to drink contaminated water and denied medical help

A US Navy whistleblower has reportedly accused his superiors on the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier of lying to crew members about the severity of a fuel leak into their drinking water and denying them medical treatment when they were sickened by the contaminated fluid.

“We were exposed to an unhealthy amount of JP-5,” a sailor on the carrier told Business Insider, referring to a common type of kerosene-based jet fuel. The media outlet, which posted its article on Saturday, said it didn’t identify the sailor out of concern that he might face retribution from the Navy for speaking out.

The incident occurred in mid-September, when members of the nearly 3,000-person crew noticed discoloration and a foul smell in the water that they use for drinking and showering. After initially advising the crew to drink only bottled water, the ship’s commanding officer and executive officer later announced that the Nimitz’s normal water supply was safe to use.

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US Army fights losing battle with mold

“People believed the CO and the XO, and people were showering in this stuff,” the whistleblower said. The next day, the officers reversed course again, saying the water was unsafe. However, crew members who sought medical attention after suffering such symptoms as nausea and skin rashes were allegedly turned away.

“Medical was telling us that it will pass through,” the sailor said. He added that when the ship’s water tanks were opened for inspection on September 17, two days after the discoloration and bad odor were first noticed, there was a “thick layer of JP-5 on top of the potable water.”

For at least the following ten days, sailors were told to test the water’s taste and smell, the whistleblower said. A photo provided by the sailor showed a glass container of water with a thick green layer on the top and a murky white layer on the bottom, according to Business Insider.

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US Navy sued over ‘toxic secrets’

“The health and well-being of our sailors is our top priority,” Navy spokesman Commander Sean Robertson told the media outlet. He acknowledged that ten crew members had reported health issues that “could be associated with JP-5 ingestion.”

The Navy has said that its tests detected only “traces” of jet fuel in the water. The USS Nimitz has been docked in San Diego since September 17, rather than going back out to sea last week as scheduled. The same carrier was forced back to the docks last November because of a “deficiency” in its nuclear propulsion plant.

Four families near Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor sued the Navy in August for leaks of jet fuel into their water supply. The plaintiffs said the Navy initially denied their concerns, even as the fuel tainted the water supply used by about 93,000 people, then refused them proper medical care.

Russia could wage war in space – UK military chief

Admiral Tony Radakin thinks Moscow could attack the West’s satellites

Russia could use space-based weaponry to target Western satellites, UK Chief of the Defence Staff Admiral Tony Radakin told the Telegraph on Friday. Radakin, who took his post last year, sees Russia as a long-term threat to Britain.

Russia “has capabilities in space,” Radakin said. “We saw an example of that at the tail end of last year, when Russia exploded an object in space which created immense debris. Russia has nuclear capabilities, Russia has underwater capabilities.”

Radakin was referring to Russia’s test last year of an anti-satellite missile, which saw a ground-launched missile take out an old Soviet reconnaissance satellite. The US accused Russia of “weaponizing space” and creating a cloud of debris, although the US tested its own anti-satellite missiles with similar results over a decade ago. India and China have also trialed such weapons.

The admirals’ mention of Russia’s “underwater capabilities” came after a series of explosions crippled the Russia-Germany Nord Stream gas pipelines last week. While some in the West have blamed Russia for targeting its own infrastructure, Moscow has called these accusations “stupid,” with President Vladimir Putin blaming the attack on “the Anglo-Saxons,” a Russian colloquialism for the US-UK transatlantic alliance.

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NATO member wants ‘devastating’ retaliation against Russia

Malcolm Chalmers, deputy director of the Royal United Services Institute think tank, told The Telegraph that he could also envision a Russian attack on satellite systems, which could cripple the West’s communications infrastructure.

“Russia could also attack the GPS systems which play a key role, both military and civilian, throughout the world,” he said. “There could be some disruption to civilian services, such as sat-nav systems used in most of our phones and cars.”

Such a move, Radakin said, would trigger a response from NATO, but one likely short of direct military intervention.

Russia has given no indication that it intends to fight the West in space. However, Radakin has given similar warnings before. Russia has “cyber capabilities, it’s got space capabilities, and it’s got particular programmes under water so it can threaten the underwater cables that allow the world’s information to transit around the whole globe,” he declared in July.

Radakin’s warnings, both in July and on Friday, were accompanied with calls for the UK to increase its military spending.

US encounters record illegal migrant influx – media

Officials reportedly documented thousands of daily migrant encounters at the US-Mexico border in September

More illegal immigrants than ever are pouring into the US via its border with Mexico, according to data from the Department of Homeland Security, cited by the Washington Free Beacon this week. The documents appear to show that last month was the worst September in history for migrant crossings. Between 7,300 and 7,500 migrants crossed the border every day during the month, according to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). 

The preliminary numbers from CBP indicate between 219,000 and 225,000 migrants crossed the border from Mexico in September, according to the Washington Free Beacon. Either figure would break last year’s standing record of 192,000 illegal crossings.

These record-breaking numbers we’re seeing at the border have become the new normal,” a senior DHS official told the Washington Free Beacon on Friday, questioning how much further the situation would be allowed to deteriorate before action was taken.

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US watchdog reveals grim migrant detention details

The entirety of 2022 has been a record-breaking year for illegal immigration. By mid-August, the number of undocumented arrivals had surpassed two million, according to Fox News, a significant increase over last year’s 1.7 million.

This year also set records for illegal drug trafficking across the US-Mexico border, with over 12,000 pounds of fentanyl – the opioid driving the country’s overdose epidemic – seized by the CBP, according to a memo circulating in the Senate. Largely due to the rise of fentanyl in the US’ drug supply, overdoses have become the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 18 and 45. This has brought the country’s average life expectancy down to its lowest point since 1996.

The Biden administration has come under fire for its perceived failure to secure the southern border. The president’s reversal of Trump-era policies aimed at curtailing unchecked immigration have seen border crossings surge under his watch, spiking from 72,000 in December 2020, Trump’s last month in office, to 173,000 in March 2021. 

The presidents of Guatemala and El Salvador have laid the blame for their citizens streaming across the Mexican border at the US president’s feet.

The White House has attempted to revise its public stance on illegal immigration as Americans grow increasingly alarmed with the flood of new arrivals. Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Guatemala to tell those preparing to make the voyage “don’t come” after avoiding the border for over a year since being named responsible for it. 

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However, the administration’s policies continue to send mixed messages. Rather than address the grievances of Republican governors who condemn dumping buses and planes full of illegals in their states, Biden’s team has accused them of crimes against humanity for shipping the migrants to Democrat-run cities instead. The administration was even found to be funding legal aid for immigrants fighting deportation, according to a Fox News investigation.

NYC seeks to house illegal immigrants on luxury cruise liner

Mayor Eric Adams’ plans have faced opposition from local officials

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is negotiating a deal to house illegal immigrants aboard a massive cruise ship docked at Staten Island. With Texas busing thousands of illegals to the Big Apple, Republican officials in the city called Adams’ plan “ludicrous” and “incompetent.”

Norwegian Cruise Line told Fox News on Saturday that the city had inquired about chartering one of its vessels to house the migrants. The company, which operates 18 megaships, said that talks are ongoing, and that “no agreement has been reached.”

News of Adams’ plan was first broken by the New York Post on Friday, with the newspaper reporting that the Democrat mayor is also considering erecting a similar tent city to one already under construction in the Bronx, and hiring another cruise ship operated by the Estonian company Tallink. 

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US liberals love illegal aliens, just not in their own posh neighborhoods

While it is unclear how much hiring either ship will cost, the Post said that officials estimate the Norwegian liner will be “cheaper” than the tent city, which is slated to cost the city’s taxpayers $15 million per month.

Around 15,500 migrants have arrived in New York since May, according to figures from City Hall. With illegal crossings from Mexico at a record high, Republican governors have taken to helping these migrants travel north to Democrat-run states, in a bid to highlight the consequences of the Biden administration’s lax border policy.

While Florida Governor Ron DeSantis flew immigrants to the wealthy elite enclave of Martha’s Vineyard last month, Texas’ Greg Abbott and Arizona’s Doug Ducey have been sending busloads of border-jumpers to New York and Washington since early summer.

Adams intends to moor the chartered cruise ship on Staten Island. However, Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella, A Republican, told the Post that he considers the plan “problematic.”

“What’s next? RVs on the street? These problems should not become Staten Island’s problem,” he said. US Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, also a Republican, described the plan as “a ludicrous idea that could only come out of an incompetent administration.”

“Both Biden and Adams refuse to address the root of the problem and, instead, continue to incentivize illegal immigration,” she said. “Democrats have abdicated their responsibility but when Republicans take the House we will put an end to this nonsense.”

Pope appeals to Putin and Zelensky

The pontiff has called on Kiev and Moscow to declare an immediate ceasefire and negotiate

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, should declare a truce and return to the negotiating table, Pope Francis said in an appeal to the two leaders on Sunday. He warned that further escalation could lead to the deployment of nuclear weapons, with catastrophic consequences.

According to the translated transcript published by Vatican News, the Pope described the Ukraine conflict as a “terrible and inconceivable wound to humanity,” to which there is no apparent end in sight. 

“Certain actions can never be justified, never,” he went on, stopping short, however, of pointing the finger of blame at either side directly.

Arguing that “war is never a solution,” Pope Francis called for an “immediate ceasefire” and urged the warring sides to negotiate “solutions that are not imposed by force, but consensual, just and stable.” He also emphasized the importance of respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each country, as well as the rights of minorities.

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Pope comments on ‘morality’ of arming Ukraine

According to the Pope, the continuation of the conflict could lead to a “nuclear escalation” which would likely inflict catastrophic consequences not only on the parties involved, but the whole world.

Addressing Putin, Pope Francis urged him to “stop this spiral of violence and death,” while calling on the Ukrainian president to “be open to serious proposals for peace.” He also asked that other countries do what they can to bring an end to the war, without allowing themselves to be dragged into the conflict. 

The Pope’s appeal came days after Zelensky posted a message on Telegram on Friday, saying that Kiev will not negotiate with Moscow as long as Putin remains in power. The comment came on the day that the Russian president signed treaties paving the way for the inclusion of the two Donbass republics and two former Ukrainian regions into the Russian Federation, following referendums in which the people in these regions voted overwhelmingly in favor of splitting from Kiev and joining Russia in late September. Ukraine and its Western backers dismissed the referendums as a “sham” and slammed Moscow for what they called a violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Burkina Faso coup leader taps anti-French sentiment for support for putsch

Two days after the second coup d’état in Burkina Faso in less than a year, FRANCE 24 journalist Wassim Nasr locates the origins of the new putsch in a jihadist attack in the country’s north that caused “turmoil in the ranks of the military” – echoing a progression from two attacks that preceded the first coup. Nasr also explains how Burkinabe army captain Ibrahim Traore tapped into anti-French sentiment to mobilise supporters in Ouagadougou following his announcement that junior officers were ousting junta leader Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba.